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Why does Kourtney Kardashian fans gets "FURIATES" by her new post??

Why does Kourtney Kardashian fans gets "FURIATES" by her new post??

Why does Kourtney Kardashian fans gets FURIATES by her new post
Why does Kourtney Kardashian fans gets FURIATES by her new post
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Kourtney Kardashian is facing criticism for a recent series of photos posted to her Instagram account, where she appears to be smoking a cigarette.

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The 44-year-old founder of Poosh, a wellness brand promoting a healthy lifestyle, has been accused of trying to "glamorize" smoking by her followers. Many expressed disappointment and confusion, given her reputation for advocating healthy habits.

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One commentator questioned why Kardashian would promote cigarettes, writing, "For someone so health conscious, [it] seems like you're promoting cigarettes." Another accused her of sending "mixed messages" by posting pictures of herself smoking when she doesn't actually smoke. Some expressed concern that young fans would see the images and view smoking as "cool" or "healthy."

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Kardashian's caption for the post read, "Bye bye blondie. One more smoking hot post for the haters. Shoutout to my prop provider and photographer @kulikulikulik." However, many of her followers failed to catch the "smoke show" joke and instead focused on the cigarette in her hand, despite the fact that it wasn't lit.

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In the photos, Kardashian sports a blonde bob parted on the side and round-lensed sunglasses. She wears a strapless black bustier that accentuates her curves as she poses for the camera.

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The backlash comes just weeks after Kardashian faced criticism for public displays of affection with her husband, Travis Barker. Despite the negative feedback, Kardashian has continued to share intimate moments with Barker on social media.

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As a public figure with a large following, Kardashian's actions and statements have the potential to influence the behavior of young people. While it's ultimately up to individuals to make their own choices, many believe that Kardashian has a responsibility to promote healthy habits and discourage harmful behaviors.

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