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Kim Kardashian dancing with her daughter North West in tiktok before she heads off to school

 Kim Kardashian dancing with her daughter North West in tiktok before she heads off to school

Kim Kardashian, aged 42, and her daughter North West, who is nine years old, enjoyed some lighthearted moments together before North headed off to school. 

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Embracing the popular trend on TikTok called "Now You Tryna Pull Up To My Crib I Think You Gotta Go," the mother-daughter duo showcased their playful side. In a fun clip, they confidently performed a sassy dance, radiating plenty of attitude.


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North sported her school uniform, comprising a stylish blue plaid skirt, a white shirt, and a white hoodie. On the other hand, the Skims founder, who had attended the Lakers playoff game, opted for a comfortable outfit, donning long-sleeved black pajamas. The post capturing their TikTok dance was accompanied by the caption, "It was so fun doing this," while the words "I like school" were playfully superimposed over the video.

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Kim kept her makeup minimal, allowing her natural beauty to shine through, and her hair was elegantly gathered into a bun atop her head. North, on the other hand, rocked a sleek ponytail, adding to her chic appearance.


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This latest video marked another entertaining addition to Kim and North's TikTok page, following closely on the heels of a dance train where North led her mom and aunts, Khloé Kardashian (aged 38) and Kylie Jenner (aged 25). To the rhythmic beats of Kendrick Lamar's "Money Trees," the family members grooved together, playfully swaying back and forth.

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Recently, North had a taste of the glitz and glamour of the Met Gala, albeit from a distance. While she is still too young to attend the prestigious event herself, she watched her famous mom grace the red carpet from the comfort of their car. 


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As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the Met Gala instituted an age restriction in 2018, mandating that attendees be at least 18 years old. Prior to that, the event had welcomed children like Willow Smith. However, exceptions were allowed for guests accompanied by their parents.

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Although North didn't have the opportunity to make her mark on the Met Gala's red carpet, she showcased her fashion sense by wearing a vintage Chanel jacket and a pair of subtly distressed blue jeans while leaving the Ritz-Carlton with her mom before the event. Despite her young age, North continues to make headlines with her style and charisma, all while having fun and embracing life alongside her adoring mom, Kim Kardashian.

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