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Khloe Kardashian in Pink Nike Sports Bra Displaying Her "Defined ABS"

Khloe Kardashian in Pink Nike Sports Bra Displaying Her "Defined ABS"

Khloe Kardashian in Pink Nike Sports Bra Displaying Her "Defined ABS"
Khloe Kardashian in Pink Nike Sports Bra Displaying Her "Defined ABS"

Khloe Kardashian has shared a glimpse into her fitness routine with a video posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday. 

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The reality television star, who boasts a staggering 305 million followers on the platform, revealed one of the workouts she uses to keep her body in peak physical condition. She also provided a detailed summary of her workout routine in the caption of her post for fans who want to try out her various exercises.


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In the video, Kardashian can be seen wearing an all-pink ensemble comprised of a Nike sports bra, Fabletics half-zip long-sleeve top, form-hugging leggings, and athletic shoes. Her chiseled abs were on full display, and she accessorized the look with a pair of sparkling necklaces. The influencer started with her blonde hair flowing freely but later tied it into a ponytail during the routine.

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Kardashian made light of her personal trainer's methods, joking that he would push her to her physical limit every time they had a session. She said, "Don does a magic potion on people where he abuses you, and then you call him back, and then you pay him. I don't know what special power he has, but this guy is a lunatic, and I keep calling him back."


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After finishing the workout, Kardashian discussed how she would be fine later in the day after working through the pain. She described herself as "the best kind of crazy...I'm exhausted, but I'll get a second wind. I just need a little breather." Later in the video, Kardashian was joined by her daughter, True, whom she shares with her former partner Tristan Thompson.

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In a recent interview with InStyle, Kardashian spoke about her commitment to fitness and how it helped her deal with her divorce. She revealed that exercise helped her build confidence, saying, "If I'm having a really bad day, I go to the gym. I might not want to go to the gym, but I go, and right when I'm done, I feel so much lighter." She added, "I've never regretted going to a workout. I've always regretted missing them or pushing the snooze button."


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Kardashian's fitness routine has drawn attention from her relatives, who have expressed concern about her weight loss. However, the reality TV star appears to be dedicated to maintaining her physique and inspiring others to do the same. Her detailed workout summary in the post's caption provides fans with an opportunity to try out her routines and achieve their own fitness goals.

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