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Kourtney Kardashian Gets Sweet Tributes On Her 44th Birthday By Khloe Kardashian!!!

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Sweet Tributes On Her 44th Birthday By Khloe Kardashian!!!

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Sweet Tribute On Her 44th Birthday By Her Sister Khloe!!

On Kourtney Kardashian's 44th birthday, Khloe Kardashian took to Instagram to shower her elder sister with love and affection.

Khloe, who is the co-founder of the clothing line Good American, posted a series of throwback images and videos along with a heartfelt tribute to her sister. Khloe started by expressing her love for Kourtney, stating that she had loved her even before she knew how to love. She went on to say that she had loved Kourtney since the moment they met and her love for her had only grown with each passing day.

Khloe also mentioned that Kourtney would always be one of her best friends and favorite people in the world .The post continued with Khloe expressing her gratitude for Kourtney's constant presence in her life, stating that life did not seem as scary when they faced it together. She mentioned that she never wanted to go through a moment of life without Kourtney and that their laughter was something she would always crave.

Khloe further emphasized the special bond she shared with Kourtney, stating that they were two peas in a pod and that nothing would ever break them apart. She wished that Kourtney's dreams stay big, and her worries stay small, and that the magic in her only got stronger.

The post ended with Khloe reminiscing about their younger days and expressing how much she missed wrestling with Kourtney and being morons together. She also mentioned how happy she was for the love and life that Kourtney had found and hoped that Kourtney knew how much she could not live without her.

Kourtney reciprocated the love with some sweet comments of her own, promising Khloe a wrestling match as her birthday present and expressing how much she loved her beyond words to all eternity.

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have always shared a close bond, evident in their appearances on various reality shows. Despite the ups and downs that come with being in the public eye, the sisters have always been there for each other, proving that their bond is unbreakable.

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