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Kylie Jenner 'Leaned On' Kendall Amid Travis Scott Split: Their Bond Is 'Stronger Than Ever'

Kylie Jenner 'Leaned On' Kendall Amid Travis Scott Split: Their Bond Is 'Stronger Than Ever'

Kylie Jenner 'Leaned On' Kendall Amid Travis Scott Split Their Bond Is 'Stronger Than Ever'
Kylie Jenner 'Leaned On' Kendall Amid Travis Scott Split Their Bond Is 'Stronger Than Ever'
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Kendall Jenner 'was there' for her sister Kylie 'constantly,' a source told HL Only.

Kylie Jenner is more tight with her sister Kendall than at any other time — and they have their exes to thank! A Karjenner family insider told HollywoodLife Only that Kylie, 25, and Kendall's new separations with rapper Travis Scott, 31, and Phoenix Suns' b-ball star, Devin Booker, 26, individually, have made their relationship become extraordinarily close. "Kylie respected Kendall for how she strolled through her separation Devin," the source told us.

As aficionados of the renowned family know, Kendall cut off her two-year relationship with Devin in October 2022. A while later, in January 2023, Us Week by week detailed that Kylie had tapped out with Travis — with who she shares a girl, Stormi, 4, and a 11-month-old child, Aire — following 6 years together. Toward the beginning of December, and again over New Year's, the supermodel and her cosmetics head honcho child sister were spotted having a great time together in Aspen, Colorado.

In photographs shared by W Magazine, the pair showed up really blissful, and stylish, while on their frigid get-aways. What's more, as per our source, they helped each other through a ton during their escapes. "Kendall and Kylie's genuine bond has gotten more grounded in the recent months in light of the troublesome separations the two of them had gone through," the source told us. "They were, nevertheless are, each other's stones and, now and again, comforting presences."

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"Kylie perceived areas of strength for how was all through the entire trial and she truly required a portion of that strength for herself," the source uncovered. "She rested on Kendall a ton and Kendall was there for her constantly Kylie is so thankful and their genuine bond is, in a real sense, tough at the present time." Despite the fact that Kendall and Devin's parted went unnoticed, Kylie's parted with Travis didn't.

On Jan. 13, HollywoodLife Solely revealed the genuine explanation that Kylie reassessed the relationship with her kids' dad. "One of the contributing elements to their latest split is that, following 6 years together and two youngsters, Travis actually hadn't shown Kylie that he is 100% dedicated to her forever," a source said. "He's known for quite some time that Kylie needed to be locked in, and they examined it. However, the ring never came, and her loved ones accept that she merits this." 

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