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Devin Booker 'Wooing' Kendall Jenner To Win Her Back After Split: Friends Predict He Might Propose

Devin Booker 'Wooing' Kendall Jenner To Win Her Back After Split: Friends Predict He Might Propose

Devin Booker 'Wooing' Kendall Jenner To Win Her Back After Split: Friends Predict He Might Propose
Devin Booker 'Wooing' Kendall Jenner To Win Her Back After Split: Friends Predict He Might Propose
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Devin Booker is pulling every one of the stops to get Kendall Jenner back in his life after she parted ways with him, a source tells HollywoodLife.

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Devin Booker is doing "all that he can" to win Kendall Jenner back after their unexpected and stunning split last week, a source near the b-ball star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. The 25-year-old NBA player is so devoted to fixing their two-year relationship that his companions suspect he might try and propose to the 26-year-old supermodel, which would be a gigantic step for him considering Kendall parted ways with him since they were on various pages about their sentiment.

"He filled her home with blossoms and took her to SoHo House in Malibu, he has returned to wooing her like they recently met. It seems like her saying a final farewell to him was a genuine reminder. She didn't do it to mess around or screw with his head, yet it most certainly stood out," the insider uncovered. "A many individuals in her reality are foreseeing that he will see about getting hitched in light of the fact that he would rather not lose her."

Whether a wedding band is in their future, companions near Kendall and Devin don't figure they will be isolated for a really long time. "Their companions all continue saying how they're only hanging tight for them to reunite," a subsequent source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. "They genuinely don't completely accept that Kendall and Devin are finished forever."

HL EXCLUSIVELY announced that Kendall initially severed things with Devin after their time at Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Italian wedding didn't go as she envisioned it would. "Kendall parted ways with him since she didn't think he was treating the relationship as in a serious way as she was. Kendall felt like it was nothing to joke about to carry him with her to Kourtney's wedding and she figured it would be really heartfelt," another source near the pair uncovered to HollywoodLife. "However, it didn't turn out like that by any means, and he could never have appeared to be more separated from the adoration and heartfelt part of it."

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Moreover, Kendall was stressed their future objectives were not adjusted. "Despite the fact that she's not at a spot right now where she needs to get hitched and have children, it's likewise something she realizes she in the long run needs," the source noted. "Devin was obviously not in total agreement and made sense of how there's significantly more he believes that should do throughout everyday life. She had a light second and is finding some peace with the way that despite the fact that they had an extraordinary run, eventually it's not what she needs."

The Tequila 818 organizer and ace competitor have been together starting around 2020. They are seldom seen together out in the open and don't talk about their relationship much, and that is precisely the way in which Kendall favors it. "I feel like it's constantly turned out better for me that way," Kendall made sense of during the 2021 get-together episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "Furthermore, no offense to my more seasoned sisters by any means, yet I feel that Kylie [Jenner] and I explicitly have had the chance to watch my more seasoned sisters go through relationships and connections and separations and everything and do them pretty freely." She proceeded, "Once more, no offense to you all by any means, however I think it was an individual inclination from a truly youthful age that I would truly not liked to like… I think it makes my life significantly simpler and our relationship much better honestly. I simply feel like it's a confidential matter. It's not actually for any other person to pass judgment or know."

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