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Penelope Disick Took It 'Hard' Hearing About Mom Kourtney Kardashian's Engagement to Travis Barker: 'I Wish my Kids Were Here'

 Penelope Disick Took It 'Hard' Hearing About Mom Kourtney Kardashian's Engagement to Travis Barker: 'I Wish my Kids Were Here'

 Penelope Disick Took It 'Hard' Hearing About Mom Kourtney Kardashian's Engagement to Travis Barker: 'I Wish my Kids Were Here'
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Penelope Disick burst out crying after her mother, Kourtney Kardashian, got drawn in to Travis Barker, and Kourt was honestly vexed that her children were excluded from the proposal celebration.

Travis Barker proposed to Kourtney Kardashian on the May 5 episode of The Kardashians. After the heartfelt proposition, Travis' three children assembled with Kourtney's mother and sisters for a personal celebratory supper. Kris Jenner went with the chief choice not to remember Kourtney's three children for the post-commitment festivity since they were basically excessively youthful. “For us to have to lie to Scott [Disick] and get them here under false pretenses would’ve been really hard for all of us,” Kris explained. “This is the right thing to do. [Travis’s] kids are all adults, basically. That’s the way I feel about it.”

When the underlying fervor of the commitment faded away, Kourtney chose to call her children and update them on what occurred before they saw it via online entertainment. She called Penelope Disick first, and P separated in tears when she heard the news. "Hang up!" Penelope said, finishing the call right away. "Penelope took it hard," Kourtney conceded. “I think it’s a big change for her. Even though she loves Travis, I think she doesn’t know what this means. Like, is that taking me away? I think she just doesn’t know what it means.”

Whenever Kourtney called her most youthful child, Reign Disick, he was not exactly enthused about the news. "Not exciting!" he let his mother know when she made sense of what occurred. In the mean time, Mason Disick didn't answer when Kourtney attempted to reach out. In the wake of perceiving how her children took care of things, Kourtney conceded that she wished they might have been there face to face to comprehend what is going on better. “I do wish that my kids were here,” she said. “I think it would’ve made them feel more included in the decision, kind of, and part of the surprise. I know that my mom made the decision and it probably wasn’t her best.”

Kourtney was having somewhat of a difficult stretch with how everything went down, yet Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian guaranteed her that not having the children present was the ideal choice. “They need to process it in their own way,” Khloe said. “I think they think they’re losing their dad. I don’t think they think they’re losing their mom, they think their dad is gone and you’re replacing him. When you’re a kid you think you have to pick one, so P’s reaction is understandably okay. But there’s nothing wrong with Travis. It’s the same way you felt about Bruce [Jenner].”

Kourtney concurred that it took her father, Robert Kardashian, tolerating Bruce Jenner for her to find a sense of peace with Bruce, presently Caitlyn Jenner, being her stepdad. “I think it’s really important for Scott to be really accepting of our relationship so the kids can feel good,” Kourtney made sense of. At last, Kim shut down any bad talk so Kourtney could praise the night like she should.

Later in the episode, Khloe visited Scott, and he was as a matter of fact upset that the children didn't become piece of Kourtney's important day. “They should’ve been there,” he demamded. “For me, personally, if I was getting engaged 50 minutes away, I’d be like, ‘Someone get in the car and drive my kids here.’ And P would’ve been ecstatic. I mean, we’re acting like this place was ten hours away. I could get there in 55 minutes.”

Fortunately, Kourtney had the option to streamline things with Penelope once she returned home. They had somebody on-one young lady time. She additionally uncovered that Travis talked with Penelope and cleared up for her that he "truly needed her there," yet it essentially didn't end up actually working.

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