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Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Wear Matching Gray Shirts In LA After Kourtney's Italy Wedding

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker Wear Matching Gray Shirts In LA After Kourtney's Italy Wedding

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker got back to California amazingly, wearing matching outfits while out on a midday walk.

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are back in California following Kourtney Kardashian's rich wedding in Italy. The couple was seen in West Hollywood on Tuesday (May 24), shaking matching outfits much more relaxed contrasted with what they wore abroad. The Kardashians star, 26, and the NBA player, 25, donned matching dim shirts, dull jeans, and shades. They strolled one next to the other towards a business building, conceivably where Kendall had a few model obligations to take care of.

The lovely brunette decided on a dim tank top, some blue denim jeans, and dull shades. Kendall likewise wore dark calfskin loafers and little studs as she conveyed a dark sack behind her. In conclusion, the model styled her hair in a back updo, despite the fact that she let a portion of her bangs stream free before her face.

Devin, in the interim, wore a long-sleeved dark pullover over a white T-shirt. Obviously, the intensity in California doesn't irritate the genius b-ball player! He likewise wore some dark jeans, white Converse shoes, and dark shades. As we said, these outfit decisions were MUCH unique in relation to the couple's dazzling gatherings at the "Kravis" Italian pre-marriage ceremony, where Kendall's sister said "I do" to rockstar Travis Barker.

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In Portofino, Kendall shook a long sleeveless fitted dress with a purple flower print for the fundamental function. Devin went to the occasion in a dark jacket over a white traditional top and dark jeans. The lovebirds likewise stirred things up at a pre-wedding family supper, where Kendall was shocked in a dark strapless dress and sheer skirt while Devin decided on an all-dark gathering including a dark lightweight flash-up coat.

Before the wedding, Devin hadn't gone to such a broadly pitched KarJenner family occasion in the years that he's been dating Kendall. Thus, the star competitor's appearance at the "Kravis" pre-marriage ceremony abroad "was no joking matter" for Kendall, as per a source, since the well-known model "knew this would be making the following stride" in their relationship.

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"You can't resist the urge to feel affection during such a heartfelt occasion, and it was certainly something they've discussed as of late," the source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. "The two of them know how youthful they are and that they have an immense vocation to shuffle. In any case, it's working for themselves, and being together at Kourtney's wedding just brought them closer," they added.

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