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Kris Jenner Had An Issue With Kylie's Second Pregnancy

Kris Jenner Had An Issue With Kylie's Second Pregnancy 

Kris Jenner Had An Issue With Kylie's Second Pregnancy
Kris Jenner Had An Issue With Kylie's Second Pregnancy 
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Staying aware of The Kardashians female authority Kris Jenner supposedly objected to Kylie Jenner getting pregnant by Travis Scott once more. 

Hotspots for Kris Jenner guarantee the Keeping Up With the Kardashians family female authority wasn't totally ready for Kylie Jenner getting pregnant briefly time by Travis Scott. The momager purportedly has hesitations about the situation with Kylie and Travis' apparently open relationship and objects to her most youthful kid getting pregnant once more. With Kylie and Travis being seeing someone of any titles, Kris is stressed her girl may be beginning a family with a man that isn't holding anything back. Regardless of how invigorated Kylie and Travis are tied in with inviting another kid together, Kris would prefer them to recognize the specific status of their sentiment. 

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Kylie and Travis have a solid association and appreciate each other's conversation, yet they aren't actually beau and sweetheart. Travis and Kylie have kept a strong co-nurturing relationship since their 2019 split that regularly has them actually looking a lot of like a couple. Back in May, Kylie shut down bits of hearsay asserting she was in an open relationship with the "SICKO MODE" rapper. The next month, Kylie and Travis hit the honorary pathway as a family with their girl Stormi Webster. During his discourse, Travis gave an uncommon whoop to Stormi and his "wifey" Kylie. The move apparently affirmed their compromise notwithstanding neither of them putting a precise title on their relationship status. 

Presently, in the midst of affirmations of Kylie's subsequent pregnancy, it's said that her mother wasn't totally steady when she previously discovered her most youthful youngster was expecting once more. "It took Kris a second to jump aboard with this subsequent child," a source told HollywoodLife. "She needs to see Kylie in a relationship with Travis and not simply be co-guardians or companions with benefits." It appears as though Kris has found out about every one of the reports encompassing Kylie and Travis' relationship status, and is upset that her 22-year-old little girl is proceeding to grow a family with somebody who would not like to completely submit. 

It seems like Kris may be stressed that Kylie might have more grounded affections for Travis than he shares for her. While Kylie stays the lone lady Travis is seen out with freely, the rapper actually leaves many asking why he hasn't chosen to formally make Kylie his sweetheart once more. This is the specific motivation behind why Kris is stressed over Kylie. "She would not like to see her little girl get injured," the source proceeded. "She might want to see Kylie and Travis be together however she realizes it isn't dependent upon her. All she needs for Kylie is to be content and she's securing her." its a well known fact how much the KarJenners esteem family, paying little mind to in case they're dating the other parent or not. 

The entirety of Kris' kids aside from Kendall Jenner are right now co-nurturing kids with an ex that they're no longer with. It's something Kris ingrained inside her children to put the bliss of their youngsters first. "Kris that the young ladies stay friendly with the dad of their kids," HollywoodLife reports. In spite of Travis and Kylie not having any titles, they seem to have a strong bond that is enduring for the long haul. In any case, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matron apparently needs to see more from Travis.

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