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Kim Kardashian wears WEDDING DRESS and walks with Kanye West live on Stage

Kim Kardashian wears WEDDING DRESS and walks hand-in-hand with Kanye West at ‘DONDA’ Event


kim kardashian wearing wedding dress with kanye west again

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West surely created quite a buzz and most probably confused most of their fans when she showed up in a WEDDING DRESS and walked hand-in-hand with Kanye West at the ‘DONDA’ Event in Chicago.

Kim ventured out in a staggering Balenciaga Couture wedding dress during the tune "No Child Left Behind," the last tune of the evening.  She walked in front of Kanye looking so deep into each other and then finally leaving the stage walking hand in hand with Kanye. This surely reminded all the people of their wedding in spite of their ongoing divorce process. In fact, it even looked like they were remarrying repeating their marriage vows again.

Watch Kim Kardashian in a wedding dress with Kanye West


Kanye's an exhibition at Soldier Field in Chicago Thursday night highlighted a lot of visitor appearances - including some head-scratchers like DaBaby and Marilyn Manson - however, the crowd went most off the deep end when Kim displayed outside the mockup of Kanye's youth home in the dress.

Kim was glad to do it for Kanye and the occasion, which was so critical to him.As we revealed ... the occasion in Chicago denotes the third "Donda" occasion, however, the authority item hasn't dropped at this point.

 One thing is without a doubt ... the collection unquestionably hasn't been shy of exposure.

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