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Kourtney Kardashian's fans are convinced she's pregnant with the fourth child of Travis Barker

Kourtney Kardashian's fans are convinced she's pregnant with the fourth child of Travis Barker

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 Since turning out to be one the most blazing Hollywood couples in 2020, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have partaken in a quite genuine relationship throughout the last year, appreciating a lot of public presentations of fondness and sharing loads of adored up web-based media posts. 

Notwithstanding the consistent commitment tales that encompass the pair, fans are likewise now persuaded that the unscripted television star Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with their first youngster together in the wake of recognizing the mum-off-three seeming to have 'a knock'. 

The Blink-182 rocker took to his Instagram account on Wednesday to share a cute film of the cheerful couple giggling together as they played the piano. Operating at a black and white video, 42-year-old Kourtney can be considered sitting to be her artist playmate as he shows her the methods of the instrument as they two-part harmony. 

Wearing her long brand name dark hair free, and donning some pants and trim off the shirt, the unscripted television star looks her typical glitz, smooth self as she apprehensively laughs as the couple performs Heart and Soul in the sweet web-based media post on Travis Barker's Instagram post. 

Nonetheless, extremely observant fans rushed to call attention to that they had spotted what they accepted to be a 'pregnant' on the modest excellence. One reporter, not connected to the couple, shouted "goodness she pregnant", while another added: "I thought I was the one in particular who thought this until I saw this remark." 

A third concurred with the gossip, adding: "I'm certain she's not yet from the start of this video I believed exactly the same thing to be straightforward." While the 'knock' could simply be a dream, in the course of recent weeks, the web has become persuaded that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been dropping clues that she is anticipating her fourth kid, her first with the Blink-182 drummer. 

From culinary decisions to style explanations, many have gotten on ongoing changes to Kourtney's way of life and reach the resolution that she is pregnant. The wellbeing cognizant star as of late started bits of gossip when she shared a strange nibble decision. Sharing a combo that comprised of sourdough bread, pickles, and veggie lover margarine to her Poosh Instagram account, fans concluded that her intriguing starter was to a greater extent a pregnancy wanting as opposed to simply a fluctuated diet. 

Just as deciding on baggier garments than the tight-fitting outfits Kourtney Kardashian regularly shakes, the 42-year-old has likewise made some other dietary changes that have gotten people talking. The TV character has apparently surrendered crude fish dish sushi, something numerous hopeful mums do, and as of late partook in a martini that comprised of water and blossoms as opposed to liquor.

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