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Kris Jenner might take legal action against Ava Louise for making false rumor of Kanye West and Jeffree Star

Kris Jenner might take legal action against Ava Louise for making false rumor of Kanye West and Jeffree Star

The representative of Kris Jenner says she doesn't have the foggiest idea who Ava Louise is, however she mentions ... on the off chance that she keeps making up phony stories there could be legitimate outcomes. In the event that you missed it ... Ava's an online media influencer who acquired consideration a week ago in the wake of posting a TikTok video recommending Kanye West has been connecting with YouTube magnificence celebrity Jeffree Star ... and later Star denied the rumor. 

After that spread via online media, Ava conceded she created the entire thing ... yet additionally asserted she got a quit it after the rumor, From Kris' organization undermining legitimate activity on the off chance that she didn't quit making charges about Kim and Kanye.

Recently, Ava Louise claimed the news to be provided by a close source to the lawyer Kim is currently dealing with. She even gave an interview to one podcast spilling tea moreover the Kanye and Kim cheating scandal. In the very podcast, the interviewer even said to reached out to Jeffree himself for the update of the scandal and revealed the beauty guru's reply for the news. According to the very podcast, Jeffree just invited an interviewer to his ranch interestingly which is in Wyoming.

Clearly, Ava's about the place that is known for pretend, on the grounds that a source for Kris reveals to us the stop this rumor. As Kris Representatives mentioned that they have zero clues who is this girl and have not yet made any legitimate move against her. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that she keeps on spreading many a falsehood and a false rumor in online, which she has conceded on record that she's chasing, at that point we will have no real option except to make a lawful move on the standard." 

Kris' Officials says. "making false stories trying to adapt and stand out enough to get viral and famous which directly affects individuals' lives isn't OK at all. Maybe she ought to invest that energy rather than looking for the assistance that she unmistakably needs to manage her issues."

Who is Ava Louise?

She's the TikToker who begun that rumor of Kanye and Jeffree. While Ava later conceded she "made this whole outrage up and there's in a real sense not the slightest bit of truth to anything she had said," she actually tricked the web briefly. In any case, that dramatization is really one of her tamer TikToks, on the off chance that you can accept that.
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