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Tristan Thompson will not miss filming "KUWTK"

Tristan Thompson will not miss filming "KUWTK" 

Tristan Thompson will not miss filming "KUWTK"
Tristan Thompson will not miss filming "KUWTK" 
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While Khloe Kardashian is very emotional with the announcement of the "KUWTK" ending, Tristan Thompson has mixed feeling as he's more occupied with his future in the NBA.

The NBA star, Tristan Thompson, 29, has mixed emotions about "KUWTK" ending in 2021. A source close to the NBA star said the HollywoodLife exclusively that Tristan has “mixed emotions when it comes to the end.” Two of this dirty laundry has been aired in the show while he was with his ex and also the mother of his two-year-old daughter, Khloe Kardashian. As his relationship scandals got exposed in the show he has complicated feelings about the show ending.

“He knows how important it was for the family and Khloe but at the same time, he isn’t going to miss the dirty laundry that was shared about him on the show,” the source explained. Tristan has his future set in NBA rather than on a reality television so he is less worried about it. Tristan is about to become an unrestricted free agent as $82 million contracts with the Cleveland Cavaliers are set to expire.

“[Tristan’s] main focus is getting a new contract in the NBA,” the source revealed. But Tristan's plans have been now deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Before the pandemic, he wasn’t going to sign with Cleveland again but now things are 50/50 because they may be able to provide the biggest contract for him and the most money.”

As the Cleveland Cavaliers were not selected to restart the 2019-2020 season, Tristan wants to spend his next few months by "focusing more on getting in better basketball shape and work on his career so he can provide for True,” the source said. The insider further added, “He won’t miss the cameras that much, that is for sure.”

Well after all the relationship scandals of Tristan revealed in the show, it's easy to see why he won't miss the show. The show showed the moment when the KarJenner fam learned about Tristan cheating on Koko at a hookah lounge, which was just three days before Khloe’s due date. Then again in 2019, another of his scandal came out when Jordyn Woods claimed that Tristan kissed her.

While Tristan is calm, Khloe has been very emotional and upset with the news about the demise of the show. “[Khloe] is the one who is taking it the hardest and hasn’t stopped crying since we announced,” Kris Jenner revealed on the episode of On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

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