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Kanye West lays out 2020 presidential platform plans

Kanye West lays out 2020 presidential platform plans

Kanye West lays out 2020 presidential platform plans
Kanye West lays out 2020 presidential platform plans
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Kanye West has taken the next step in legalizing his presidential campaign by releasing a list of platforms for his supporters. Kanye will be focusing on freedom of religion, education, and much more.

Rapper Kanye West, 43, continues the campaign for president despite his bipolar disorder! YEEZY founder Kanye has finally revealed some of the policies he's intending to implement from the West Wing. Kanye named his presidential platform “Creating a Culture of Life,” and it appears to appeal both the Democrats and Republicans, according to the campaign documents acquired by TMZ. Every 10 points are accompanied by a related Bible verse.

Ye's first goal as a president is to “restore faith and revive our Constitutional commitment to freedom of religion and the free exercise of one’s faith, demonstrated by restoring prayer in the classroom including spiritual foundations.” Next, he vows to reduce loan debt for both student and household, however, he doesn't explain his plan. He also wants to make support faith-based groups better.

Kanye also wants to refine the Unites States education system so that it “serves the most at-risk and vulnerable populations, allowing the widest possible range of educational and vocational paths to job opportunities and career success.” None of the 10 points in his presidential platform are supported by a plan. Kanye as a president wants to “maintain a strong national defense,” but he doesn't want to promote decade-long wars referring to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Ye acknowledges the prison reform work done by his wife Kim Kardashian, advocating for treating “all Americans the same, regardless of race, color, or ethnicity.” Environment protection, promotion of arts, strengthening the United State's bond with foreign allies are other key principles in his platform. His final request in the documents was to end the Ye 2020 campaign.

According to the document filed under Kanye's name with the Federal Elections Commission, Kanye is running against Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election as the "Birthday Party." He has selected Michelle Tidball; a preacher and life coach, as his running mate. The rapper has not denied the allegation that he entered the presidency to hurt Biden's chance by taking away the votes as a third-party candidate.

Neil Sroka, an election expert told HollywoodLife in July that there's no chance for Kanye to become a president. Kanye was asked straightforward in an interview with Forbes in August,  claiming if he was serving as a spoiler in the election to help Trump get reelected. To this Kanye responded, “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”

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