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Is Kylie Jenner dating Fia Khadra? Who is Fia Khadra?

Is Kylie Jenner dating long time family friend Fia Khadra?

Is Kylie Jenner dating Fia Khadra? Who is Fia Khadra?
Is Kylie Jenner dating Fia Khadra? Who is Fia Khadra?
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Nowadays Kylie Jenner is constantly been spotted with a handsome young man Fia Khadra who has been a family friend to Kardashian enjoying various getaways getting quite so is Kylie dating Fia now?

Makeup and Skincare mogul Kylie Jenner, 23 is making her fans quite confused with her latest social media post making fans wonder if she has entered back to the dating game and have she started dating handsome model and social media Fia Khadra, 29.

On Aug 28, Kylie posted various pictures of her Paris visit amid the lockdown all over Paris for her business purpose. All Kylie's gorgeous pictures were mesmerizing and among all of the pictures, one picture got quite noticed by her fans which was with long time friend Fia where Fia had her hands over Kylie's waist both Kylie and Fia looked really happy. The very picture led various questions if Kylie's long time friendship have turned into love and have they started dating.

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Despite Kylie and Fia would look great as a couple, TMZ have reported "Kylie is still very much a single woman ... even though some recent photos from Paris might have suggested otherwise. The billionaire is NOT dating Fai Khadra -- despite rumors to the contrary -- they're just very good friends and have been part of each other's small social circle during the pandemic. Kylie's not currently dating anyone and she remains in a positive co-parenting relationship with Travis Scott."

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Talking about who is Fia Khadra? Fai Khadra is a model and social media influencer, he fame got rosen up after he was linked to Kardashian sisters especially Kendall and Kylie. Fia is a constant close friend of Kendall who even attended Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding as Kendall's date who is actually not her date. Fia had also been previously linked with eldest Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian when they were spotted grabbing juice together after Kourt's breakup with BF Younes Bendjima. Fia was also once spotted walking hand in hand with Kylie's then BF Jordyn Woods. 

Currently, Fia is a constant travel buddy to Kylie as previously France is the only getaway destination they together shared. Fia was also present on Kylie's previous glamorous getaway at Utah. Likewise, Fia also was Kylie's date on P Diddy's birthday party and also he can be seen various times seen in Kylie's Instagram story.

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