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Sony ZV-1 - Vlogging Camera with Flipscreen & Mic for Beginners - Review

Sony ZV-1 - Vlogging Camera with Flipscreen & Mic for Beginners - Review

Sony ZV-1 - Vlogging Camera with Flipscreen & Mic for Beginners - Review

Sony ZV - 1 is a vlog camera basically for internet online creators or for beginners with features like Flip Screen and Audio Mic as well. Sony ZV-1 vlog camera is for creators to create their Online Contents such as Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and Facebook etc. Those people who are using smartphones to create online contents, Sony ZV - 1 designed and allows you to create more high quality content in simple ways, just like in smartphones. Its simplicity design and mode is easy to use for starter or beginner vlogger. So technically in a simple way with Sony Vlogger camera ZV-1 you can make videos in simple and easy way to create more professional online content like videos and picture in high quality. It does have a lot of menus and settings but it wont complicate things becasue this Sony ZV-1 vlog camera has simple buttons and settings already made with built body.

For beginner to create vlog or online contents this camera will help you very easy to start with because its specifically made for vlogging purpose. The movie recording button is biggest button comparing to other buttons on the camera so we can easily find it and start shooting quickly and it allows to record 4k videos as well. Talking about the bodygrip its very handy and small size to carry or fit in pocket, taking selfie photos and videos as well. The features of Vari-Angle LCD screen, Sony has always listening to its users so this time they have added the flip screen on their Camera and Sony ZV-1 is the one to have it. This has 1.0 type image censor with f/1.8 lens for better image quality. 

Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1 has the familiar settings on smartphone as well like Potrait modes and beauty modes but on smartphone blurring the background is made by software but in Sony ZV-1 camera, aperture of f/1.8 makes it more focused on the subject an makes the background blur. The easy part is this camera has the Bokeh button to do it, you don't have to look on the setting menu to do it. Just push the button and the Bokeh mode is ready.

bokeh button on sony vlog camera for beginner

Another feature is Beauty mode, this vlog camera Sony ZV-1 also has beauty mode, which allows you to make your skin much smoother. You can also choose option to control smoothness in the settings.

The autofocus system is also very fast to make vlogs. This Sony vlog ZV-1 has Realtime Eye Focus with its AI to detect face and eye or the subject always stays in focus. All you have to do is look into the camera and the camera will automatically detect the eye and bring you in focus. Another amazing autofocus mode in this camera is Product showcase setting. It allows you to make product review video without loosing focus either on your product or on your face. 

This camera is mainly focused for vlogger so this time sony has put mic input so you can connect mic jack with more professional mic to get better sound quality. Mic such as Rhode and Shure or other mics can be attached on this camera.Talking about shooting outdoor or shooting while walking Sony Vlog Camera Z-1 has powerful image stabilization system so you can shoot your vlog outside walking or shooting outdoor anywhere. This camera has also works with wireless control grip which is converted into a tripod.

wireless grip on sony vlog camera for beginners

The price of sony vlog zv-1 camera is 749 $, if you purchase it from amazon. The price is less cheap with comparing to flagship mobile phones. so if you think you are upgrading vlogging from smartphones then this Sony ZV-1 is the perfect vlog camera to start with flipscreen and audio input.

Watch the video of Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1 for Beginners to Know More

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