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5 Reasons you should have 1.8 Canon Prime STM Lens - 50 mm Prime lens Review

5 Reasons you should have 1.8 Canon Prime STM Lens - 50 mm Prime lens Review

canon f 1.8 STM 50mm Prime Lens Review

We are going to enlist the 5 reasons why you should have Canon f/1.8 50 mm STM Prime lens as a review for beautiful photography. We all want to take great pictures with our DSLR cameras but we always end up choosing the right lens. 

Well there are a lot of lenses in the market. Lenses are made for their different purposes. Lets say food photography, Portrait Photography, Landscape Photography, Astro Photography, Real State Photography, well there are various categories of photography. So particularly talking about having Canon f/1.8 50mm prime lens is not wide lens because its already on  50 mm and its a fixed lens, you cannot either zoon or zoom out. You need to adjust yourself to get closer or wider shot. So Lets talk about the reasons why should we buy or have the Canon F/1.8 STM 50mm Prime Lens. 

1. Portrait shots with Canon f/1.8 50 mm Prime Lens

portrait photography with Canon F/1.8 50mm prime lens

So guys if you need to take closer and sharper picture, Canon Ef 1.8 STM lens is the best lens that can give you the perfect portrait shots. Whether its a model Photoshoot or Wedding Photography Canon ef 1.8 50 stm lens will give you the perfect portrait shots. As i have uploaded a bride close photo, it is also taken by the Canon f 1.8 STM 50 mm Lens. You can also make the background blur adjusting the lowest aperture.

2. Canon f/1.8 STM 50 mm Lens is Portable and Small Handy Size

This lens is very tiny and even can fit in pocket size. Its fantastic if you are travelling and easy to carry with some other extra accessories as well. Canon F1.8 STM Prime lens weighs only 4.6 ounces, this is way light than other lenses comparatively. So guys this lens can be easy while taking pictures because of the light weight and adjusting the focus absolutely amazing.

3. Low Light Photography & with Canon f/1.8 STM 50 mm Lens

Low Light Photography & Video with Canon f/1.8 STM 50 mm Lens

Canon 1.8 STM 50 mm lens has the less aperture of f/1.8 and it allows more light to hit the censor of the camera to take better picture in low light and video. You can have beautiful portrait shots, bokeh light effects and beautiful video in low light with this lens. Without getting blur or shaky images it allows to expose the light in low light and sharper images.

4. Nice Bokeh Effect with Canon 1.8 STM 50 mm Prime Lens

canon 1.8 stm 50 mm prime lens bokeh effect

This Canon 1.8 Stm lens has seven aperture blades. Those blades give different shapes of the bokeh and the background of the shots. It allows you to have beautiful circular bokeh on the background of the portraits and on the video as well. And this is the another reason you must have canon ef 1.8 50mm STM prime lens with you.

Check this amzing video shot with Canon F/1.8 STM 50 mm Prime lens

5. Canon f 1.8 STM 50mm Prime lens is Affordable

This is the best reason you can have the Canon f1.8 STM prime lens because its only cost around 100 bucks. You can easily buy it Amazon, you can get whole package of filter, lens pen, blower, hood, lens pouch and lens cap only in $125 dollar in amazon. You can also get it on cheaper price of renewed version of the lens from the company in amazon. Its really affordable for beginners and how have less money to start photography.

Buy Canon EF 1.8 STM 50mm Prime Lens from Amazon 


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