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The latest update of the dark universe and theme storey of the invisible man

The latest update of the dark universe and theme storey of the invisible man  

So friend s today we are going to talk about the official update of the dark universe which is very great news for dark universe fan. and the update says that we will not able to see no more dark universe movies like "the mummy" the first movie of this universe is The mummy where we have seen tom cruise as the lead character but that movie has not done great work in the box office that why universal picture has decided to close this movie series. 

And let's talk about the theme of the invisible man story, Dreamt up with H.G. Wells at the end of the 19th century, "The Invisible Man" has a long screen history and is considered part of the stable "monsters" of Universal, even if it doesn't match perfectly with the rest of the ghoulish gang. Mostly, the role was an excuse for great-voiced actors (Claude Rains, Vincent Price) to appear in movies where they go largely unnoticed, with the power of elixir which gives them fantastic power. Here, the madness is already baked in, as we encounter Moss ' Cecelia mounting an elaborate escape from the hilltop palace which she shares with her husband, suggesting things were really, really bad between them.

Terrified that with the aid of her somewhat estranged sister (Harriet Dyer), Cecelia seeks shelter with a cop (Aldis Hodge) and his daughter (Storm Reid), while still displaying someone suffering from true trauma's jittery qualities.
She discovers soon enough that her husband committed suicide which should be liberating. ⠀But that's when the strangeness ensues, with those creaky sounds and indications that someone has been inside the house.

Which helped them to sigh a deal from Bolam company and their first movie from this deal is "the invisible man" and this movie has done a great movie in the box office and as we all know this is the starting of the year 2020 and in upcoming days we gonna see different changes in the movies and let's wait for them and this movie has been released in Hindi also which is very good to listen and we hope you will go and see it in theatre.

And which will help us to find this time how much different is dark universe movies are now and it is also said they will give each and very dark movie villain character gets one slow movie which will help them to create a different universe of these dark movies and now so this is the latest update of the dark movie series. 

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