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The Dark universe of universal movies ranked from best to worst

The Dark universe of universal movies ranked from best to worst 
According to Screenrant, Dark universe of the universal movie has been again raised up when the invisible man has shown up a good result on box office. We know that universal monsters are classic since 1930 but how they have managed till now and what are their best creation and the worst6 one we will talk about it. 
                                  With the Dark World, a shared world of classic movie monsters, Universal tried to dip its toe into the waters as the cinematic universe proved itself to be the next big phenomenon. The company never really took off, two false starts forcing the manufacturer to re-evaluate its strategy. It eventually landed on a winning formula in 2020 with The Invisible Man, which in its first two weekends on-screen grossed its production budget 14 times. As the popularity of the movie has fans curious about the Dark Universe's future, it's worth taking the time to look back and rate Universal's 21st Century movie monsters to understand what worked, and what didn't.and the list is given below.
7. The mummy(2017)
This movie is the main reasons for the downfall of the dark universe because His efforts to navigate a broader world through Dr Jekyll (Russell Crowe) felt difficult as his new city environment left him without the magic of the 1999 version of the Indiana Jones "treasure hunter." Focusing on Nick (Tom Cruise) when Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), the eponymous character, had to pursue the more interesting plot, it seriously missed.
6. The Mummy: Tomb of the dragon emperor(2008)
Maria Bello did not do a bad job playing Evelyn O'Connell, but with Bello and Fraser missing the same chemistry, Weisz was definitely missed. Although The Mummy films were still camping, Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor was less fun and cheesier. Changing the setting to China offered a new, interesting perspective that the corny one-liners and poor CGI sadly drowned out of it.
5. Dracula Untold(2014)
Dracula Untold took the same approach as Snow White And The Huntsmen to the classic-story-into-battlefield, pulling it off better but still not quite successfully. With Dracula being a well-known character it was an interesting idea to tell his story from a new perspective. Nevertheless, the origin story of Vlad the Impaler (Luke Evans) ended up disappointing, taking a good, albeit cookie-cutter approach to storytelling.
4. The Wolfman(2010)
Though critically panned The Wolfman, it had some elements that worked in its favour. Benicio del Toro is doing a great job as Lawrence the guy as well as the Wolfman. The film doesn't adhere to repetitive history concerning its plot, but as a horror film, it certainly succeeds in delivering on a handful of scares that make it an enjoyable film-watching experience.
3. Van Helsing (2004)
It may seem scandalous to put on this list a film that has a 24 per-cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but for a reason, Van Helsing is a cult classic. It's a nice, cheesy romp that understands perfectly what level it's aiming for.and van Helsing has done a good job then the Universal can afford it.
2.The mummy returns(2001)
The Mummy Returns captures from the original much of the same charming plot, and tone beats. Dwayne The Rock Johnson plays a superbly campy Scorpion King while the bracelet that can not be removed subplot added the appropriate tension point. While the inclusion of O'Connell's son, Alex (Freddie Boath), makes the film a little less re-watchable than the original, it was definitely an attractive addition to the younger viewers of the film.
1.The Invisible Man(2020)
Psychological suspense, complex mental wellbeing and violence dissection, fantastically performed hysteria and gaslighting portrayal: the Unseen Man leaves no space for concern. Deviating from the failed direction of previous Dark Universe films, she saw Universal team up with horror veteran Blumhouse to make a self-contained and terrifying movie. Its rousing popularity among viewers and critics paves the way for potential portrayals of classic Universal Monsters in the Dark Universe.

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