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So friends today we are going to talk about the mark Ruffalo whom we all known as the Bruce Banner(Hulk). and he has given different statements about his character in his role in his MCU upcoming movies and can we get the chance to see the slow movie of the Hulk or not?

And in one interview Mark Ruffalo has given one tease that if he again gets the chance to do the role of hulk then he is ready to that again because he loves the character of the hulk. but we all know after the Avenger end game movie the character of the hulk is totally changed, he did not a broke thing, he did not shout, he did not do crazy things. Because he became professor hulk which means his character is not interesting anymore which is very disappointing for all MCU fans. But in future, he could see the character of professor hulk but we could not see his madness and along with him they also have changed the character of Thor and we hope that in the upcoming movie Thor 4 "the thunderbolt" we hope that he will become normal again.

Again we will come back in hulk topic again, then Mark Ruffalo has gone in one event and the name of that event is Expo c2 e2 and he doesn't have much more details about that event but their mark fallow has said that he is also disappointed that there is no rematch between hulk and Thanos and he also wants to see that who is more powerful and this is one posit and another he said that we will ever see the solo movie of hulk or not then he said no and this is official statement but. He has included some more point about it the right of this solo movie will go to a universal picture and to make the solo movie they will not do the deal and there is no proof that they will also give rights to them or not.

Things got changes every day and in the year 2021 or at the end of 2021 we will see she hulk(women Hulk) and some more details about it then their a lot of officially information has been confirmed by the MCU that the series of this movie will be continued as same as from the comic book which is very good for MCU fans because when we talk about the origin of she hulk then his power has been given from the Hulk which means we will she Hulk again and in coming days we will see her in avenger group and between 5 year period when hulk became professor hulk that time it could be possible to be formed of she hulk

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