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What we know about "the New Mutant" so far? And till now

What we know about "the New Mutant" so far? And till now

We all know that the there will we no longer to see any more wolverine movies, but the 20th-century fox has started developing new comic series. here we can see a new movie trailer #new mutants as we can see the title/name of the movie we can surely say that this is a new series of the mutants or we can say new mutants. let's talk about the release date of the movie is on coming April 3 after it became 2 years for the previous trailer but now officially new trailer came out and also the release date of this movie is got conformed.

let's talk about the character and their powers:-
Danielle Moonstar as Mirage 
Danielle Moonstar is a Native American mutant with a number of impressive mental powers including telepathy and psychological abilities but when she was a young girl, they manifested themselves in a rather horrific way. Specifically, she caught a spectral sight of a supernatural bear attacking her parents and then, a few weeks later, both her mother and dad vanished. Her magically inclined grandfather, the Black Eagle, took her in and while she continued to have nightmares about the Demon Bear, thanks to the spells of Black Eagle, they were kept at bay. Those horrific dreams come back to Moonstar as a member of the New Mutants team during her tenure, but she is preparing to take on the evil ursine rather than repressing them.

Rahne Sinclair as Wolfbane
Rahne Sinclair is a wolfbane with a strictly religious background in Scotland followed by unimaginable persecution. She was almost burned on the torch, but was saved and eventually adopted by Moira MacTaggert (played in X-Men by Rose Byrne: First Class and X-Men: Apocalypse). Unfortunately, we do not know how much of this story can find its way its into the new mutants movie.

Illyana Rasputin as Magik
If the name looks familiar, it's because Magik is Piotr Rasputin's younger sister. Both grew up in Russia together, while Illyana was abducted and brought to the USA when she was only six years old. Upon her escape, she was taken to the X-Mansion for the first time-although she spent most of her childhood in the Limbo dimension practising in different ways of magic and combat and also known the different powers like teleportation, space and time it will so great to see her.

Bobby as Sunspot
Roberto da Costa has the mutant ability to soak in solar power and redirect it. He actually ordinarily looks like a normal person, when he is in his energized state his entire body turns into a non-reflective black colour, allowing him to most efficiently absorb the sun's energy.this is his power.

Sam Guthrie as Cannonball 
sam Guthrie has the power to fly at super speed but what makes that possible is that he can release thermochemical energy from his skin and turn himself as into jet propulsion system because of this he can fly very fast kill enemies sometimes might own friends too

Rosario Dawson as Cecilia Reyes
In the beginning, it was expected that the role of Dr Cecila her self is a mutant herself in addition to being a doctor, and previously she is introduced in marvel comics in 1997. Her special abilities are the creation of Psioplasmic biofields. which basically means that she can generate an incredibly strong energy barrier around herself that can protect her from outside attack. it's worth noting that she doesn't have any connection with the new mutants in the source materials, but this hardly be the first time details were fudged in an adaption based on the trailer. she looks like she is taking care of the new mutants characters.

Overall, all mutant movies or we can say X-Men movies are waiting for the release of the New Mutants movie. here we can see the trailer below of this movie.

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