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The Run movie trailer is out in the box-office

The Run movie trailer is out in the box-office  
Lionsgate has released a trailer for the forthcoming thriller Run from director Aneesh Chaganty. Chaganty made a splashback in 2018 with his film debut on Searching, a mystery-thriller that stars John Cho as a single father trying to find his teenage daughter after she suddenly disappears. The film was set entirely on computer screens and smartphones (among similar devices) and then turned into a success in the box office, grossing $75.5 million on an $880 K budget. It was also a critical success, with Chaganty receiving acclaim for his innovative narrative methods and the manner in which he used genre tropes to tackle deeper parenting issues.
and it is suitable, for this second feature, and for the sake of the lens of a very different story, Chaganty may continue to explore ideas about parenting. Published by Chaganty and his searching co-writer Sev Ohanian, Run stars Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman, a mother who (seemingly) hides some dark secrets from her disabled daughter Chloe (newcomer Kiera Allen), whom she instructs and obsessively cares for. Lionsgate is getting off its publicity campaign this week with May U.S. release date going ahead in a few months. The official Run trailer is now available, this season ahead of its release in the cinema. Check it out, below.
The trailer suggests that Diane lies about her real name to Chloe, but otherwise avoids disclosing anything too major about the secrets of the film (including whether Chloe is a sociopathic killer). In a welcome bit of inclusiveness, Allen plays the latter character, who in reality uses a real-life wheelchair.
Overall, this movie is based on mystery and thriller with the suspense in the story which will make this movie more interesting to watch and the release date of this movie is on April 20, 2020, on mothers days. let's see the official trailer of the mo0vie down below of the movie.
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