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Samsung smartphones are updated with a new Android system of Android 10

Samsung smartphones are updated with a new Android system of Android 10

Android 10 launched in September, beginning with Pixel phones and making its way gradually to more smartphones. The current lineup of Samsung has all been updated, and the recently announced Galaxy S20 and Z Flip, all running Android 10 of the box. The update includes a ton of new features, ranging from a true dark mode that helps to save battery life to privacy enhancements and a cool live caption feature. Whether you've just got a new phone running Android 10, or you've recently updated and are looking for ways to leverage the new features of Google, we've got your back. Below are seven Android 10 features you'd need to know.

Down below here are some new features of android 10:-
1.Gesture navigation
It's now possible to use only taps and swipes to move between apps and go back to your home screen, rather than relying on the traditional Android button navigation. In the past, Google had flirted with gesture navigation, but it wasn't until Android 10 that this became fully feasible. The process of turning on gesture navigation will vary depending on who's making your phone, but you should be able to search and find "Gestures" in the Settings app. You can find the setting on the Pixel 4 by going to Settings > System > Gestures > System Navigation and select Gesture navigation

2. WI-FI and barcode scan
 Android 10 has a new feature that lets you generate a QR code for your Wi-Fi network or scan a QR code to connect to the Wi-Fi network from your device's Wi-Fi settings. Go to Wi-Fi settings to use this new feature and then select your home network, followed by the Share button with a small QR code just above it.

3. Undo app removal from the home screen
Have you ever mistakenly deleted an app from your home screen, only to find that you can't remember which app was there? I did. In Android 10, you've got a few seconds to undo the change after an app has been removed. Along the bottom of the screen, you will find the undo button. Press it and the app returns to where it belongs.

4. Location control for safety 
Android 10 provides more granular control over how location information can be used in a device. Before Android 10, it was always on and (potentially) always tracking when you gave the app access to your location. For Android 10, you only have the option to let an app access your location information while you're using the device actively. Which helps you to protect your privacy.

5. Privacy settings for the protection
Ios has always lacked a clear way of seeing which apps can access what data the computer has on. The new section makes it easy for specific apps to uncover and revoke permissions. Take a few minutes to discover exactly what the new Android 10 Privacy settings page is capable of doing. Trust me, it valued it.

6. Better notification controls 
If you press the alarm for a long time, you now have two different options: Alerting and Silent. If you select Alerting, each new alert will make sounds by the app. If you select Silent you will not make a sound or vibrate your phone. By going into Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications, you can further tailor how notifications behave.

7 Live caption
Google has created a Live Caption, as a way to make Android more available. The app can live-caption any video being played, even without a link to the data. Play a video, and then press a volume button to activate Live Caption. The volume slider showing up at the bottom will have a caption button tap it. You can then drag it around the screen to move the caption.

8.dark theme
9. focus mode 
10. healthy phone habits

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