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Planet of the Apes: Reboot version by Disney +

Planet of the Apes: Reboot version by Disney +

So friends today we are going to talk about the reboot version of the movie planet of the apes by Disney. till now there is no such confirmation is done but there is one rumoured came out that Disney + is going to totally reboot the movie.

 Let's talk about the details of this movie now. planet of the apes is already has been reboot 2 times by the fox universe and the third reboot version is done by andy Serkisnn so this means fouth time is gonna done by the Disney +. And if you don't remember the reboot versions of this movie then you could see here, It is first started in the year 1968 where we have seen Charlton Heston where this universe is set when people were not developed much and all the human kids were slaves of the apes. And they have made 5 parts of this movie which were not so good at all these series of the movies run through the year 2068 to 73 and this series is the first series of the movie so which is known very well till now and after that, they had to stop that version and created a new version of this movie and the responsibility is given to Kim Roth and where we have seen mark Wahlberg and there are very well known actor also used and the box office collection of this movie is very good and in this movie also they have used time travel where the main character of the movie does the time travel and stuck in time where apes ruled the planet and he says human have to rule this planet and he managed to fix that problem and again does the time travel but again when he reached there he found the same again planet is ruled by the apes then the story finished.                                                                                                                                                                           And then they have again created the better version of this movie which is rise of the planet of the apes which is released in the year 2011 which is very good one to watch and again they have made down of the planet of the apes in the year 2014 which is also very good to watch and in the year 2017 they have created the last part of this movie which is war for the planet of the apes and 
Now Disney is going to reboot this movie which and one big question rises that they gonna continue this version or they gonna made a new one so it would be very exciting to watch this movie new reboot version by Disney +

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