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Malang: the movie of killer and full of suspense

Malang: the movie of killer and full of suspense

Aditya Roy one of the great superstars of Bollywood movies his upcoming movie is Malang and its trailer has been gone out and in this movie, in this movie we are going to see a lot of action, suspense and love.

Stars Cast 
  1. Disha Patani
  2. Anil Kapoor
  3. Kunal Kemmu
  4. Amruta Khanvilkar
  5. Mehak Manwani
  6. Devika Vatsa
  7. Aditya Roy Kapur
Director and Producer 

  1. P.Luv Ranjan 
  2. P.Ankur Garg 
  3. P.Kishan Kumar
  4. P.Bhushan Kumar
  5. D.Mohit Suri     
let's talk about the movie and the content of this movie then at first in the year 2019. We have seen a lot of movies with the same old similarities stuff like love and old similar stories. and in this movie, we have seen a different type of content in it. And when we talk about the direction and story writing which has been done by the Mohit Suri and here are some good movies list name are A Villan, murder 2, Aashiqui 2, Woh Lamhe, Awarapan. and here are some more flop movies name also they are half girlfriend, crook, Raaz the mystery continue, Hamari Adhuri Kahani. and the pasting of all these movies is very slow although pasting is slow the song of Mohit Suri films are very good for example we could see Aashiqui 2 and other log movies songs and trailer also show this movie also contain a lot of good song in it. and after looking at the trailer we could not find any kind of clue of the story all the character has their own role and very different character which means this movie is full of suspense in some point of view we can see this movie is fully based on killing scenes and now let's talk about the star cast of this movie then at first Aditya Roy whom we have seen in a very unique role and facial structure which will make this movie very interesting. Let's go back in trailer and talk about it we found that Disha Patani and Aditya Roy enjoying in past, not in present and character like Kunal also from the past where we can find he has taken very important thing from him which will changes Aditya Roy a lot might be he goes in different journey to change himself and maybe he is searching for that killer and meet the police officer, Anil Kapoor who is chasing all the villain and himself he enjoys to kill people and if we talk about his role then in this role he is seen very perfect for it.

 And at last Disha Patani, she also says it's my passion for killing and we will also see her character also be changing a lot which is making all the character of this movie very unique and different from each other.

Overall, this movie is full of action and suspense which makes it very much interesting to watch let's see the trailer of this movie.
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