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Busan 2: As officially called Peninsula

Busan 2 as officially called Peninsula  

Fans of zombie movies have reason to rejoice as Train to Busan 2, officially called Peninsula, has secured distribution worldwide. The sequel sees the return of director Yeon Sang-ho to the world he created in the beloved zombie flick of 2016, albeit with a very different story. Be that as it may, distributors from around the world have lined up to buy the follow-up rights.

let's talk about the cast and crew member of Peninsula:-

  1. Kang Suk
  2. Lee Jung Hyun
  3. Lee Re
  4. Kwon Hae Hyo
  5. Kim Min Jae
  6. Gu Gyo Hwan
  7. Kim Do Yoon
  8. Kim Chul Yoon       
Other details of the Peninsula:-

  •  Also known as Peninsula, Train to Busan 2 
  •  Directors: Yeon Sang-Ho 
  •  Genres: Horror, Zombies 
  •  Tags: Epidemic, Virus Disaster, Disaster (Vote or add tags) 
  •  Country: South Korea 
  •  Release Date: Aug 12, 2020 

Let's talk about the more details of the movies then the scene in this movie will not be cast in the train as like in the previous movie and the theme of the story is to show them how bad it was the situation in the city of the Peninsula and all this will happen after 5 years which means the story of this movie is totally different from the another movie. and the cast and crew member of the previous movie will not be returned in this movie. So the let's wait for the official trailer.

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