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2020's New Phones list and Information

2020's New Phones list and Information

Upcoming phones of 2020

As human evolution is going on, New technology is also emerging in the global context and day by day people concern is about what we are going to see new in the modern world. And the biggest creation is been done on the smartphones which are upgrading day by day and in the year 2020 such smartphones are coming. And here we have got the list of smartphones which are coming in 2020.

Here are the lists of coming Mobile Phones in 2020.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S11 & S11+
  1. Oppo Find X2
  1. Nokia 8.2 
  1. Xiaomi Mi 10
  1. Samsung 's second Fold
  1. Huawei p40&p40 pro
  1. Google Pixel 4
  1. Apple 12
  1. Apple 9
  1. One plus 8&8 Lite.

Samsung Galaxy S11 & S11+

There is the rumour that Galaxy S11 and S11+ will be released/launched on 18 February of 2020. And it said that it will come with Punch hole in the display and both 4G&5G networks will be available in it with the camera of 48-megapixel cameras. And the cost of these phones was starting from 54000 up to 65000 INR.  

Oppo Find X2
There is a rumour that it will have a pop-up camera in front and also have snapdragon 865 with 12 GB ram in it and it will have 3900 MAh battery, with a camera in front of 25 megapixels and in back 16mp + 24Mp and also have the 6.5-inch. So in the low budget, We are going to see a high performance it.

Nokia 8.2
In Nokia 8.2 we are going to see 5G and 7 series Qualcomm Snapdragon in it will run 765 snapdragons with 8 GB Ram. And also have 6.3inches with 32mega-pixel camera in front and have 13Mp+12Mp dual primary camera in the back and have 4000 MAh battery with a type-C port of fast charging.

Xiaomi Mi 10

This is the first phone of the Xiaomi which have snapdragon 865 with 6 GB Ram it and also have a 6.47-inch display and according to the rumours, we may see a 108+5+12+20-megapixel camera and in front, it will have 32Mp camera with 5260 MAh battery and have fast charging of type-c cable. And have a network of 4G and 3G in it.
Samsung 's second Fold
In previous we have seen Samsung Fold available globally. And again there are rumours of coming Samsung 's second Fold which may have a 6.7-inch display and it folds equally.

Huawei p40 and p40pro

it will have quadcore and also have 8 GB Ram wit5h the display of 6.57 inches. And both the phone will have a 64+20+12+2-megapixel camera on it and have the battery of 5500Mah battery of type c-port cable of fast charging.

Google Pixel 4
This phone carries the snapdragon of 855 with 6 GB ram in it and has the display of 5.7 inches with 12Mp+16Mp camera in the back and in front it will have 8 Mp camera. It will have 2800Mah and have the type-c port of fast charging.


And according to the rumours,iPhone12 may be going to have 5G network in it and OLED display with the processor of Apple A13 of 6GB Ram and have the display of 5.42-inches and in field of camera 12+ 12+12Mp camera in back with 12 Mp in front and this hone caries the 3210 MAh battery of type-C port of fast charging.

iPhone 9 is budget limited phone because all iPhones are expensive and can't be afforded by every people so they have created this phone and it has octa-core with 4 GB Ram with the display of 5.2-inches. And the in the field of the camera it has 12Mp +12Mp in the back and in front it has 7Mp camera with the battery capacity of 2050 Mah of fast charging. 

OnePlus 8&8 Lite

Oneplus 8 have 865 Snapdragon with 8 GB Ram and have the display of 6.65-inch of fluid AMOLED display paunch hole camera of 48+16+12 Mp camera in the back and in front, it has 24Mp with the battery capacity of 4500 MAh of warp charging with type c-port and Google Pixel phone and Oneplus8 lite is a similar version of Oneplus 8 but in a limited price with fewer features.

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