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PUBG mobile season 11 (0.16.5) New Update News and Informations

           PUBG mobile season 11 (0.16.5)

PUBG mobile season 11 (0.16.5) New Update News and Informations

One of to mobile gaming app in the world is PUBG where we could find the different level in the game and it changes the different seasons and now PUBG mobile has launched the season 11 of version (0.16.5).
IT will be available after the season ends of the season 10 in season 10 we have got different things but not too much satisfying like it has no satisfying dress no good quality gun skin etc but it has good TDM matches. and now in the season, we will get different and better things. And one of the popular PUBG information leaker channel is "classified YT" who has reviled the information about season 11Royal pass that it will be available in 600 UC and latter will cost players will cost 1800 UC. like in another previous season we will get 100RP clothes which looks very good and classy and we will also get dress in tier reach award like when we reach in gold tier we will get the dress which is of colour red and black outfit.

And players will also get MK14 skin when they will reach in a diamond tier and also get parachute skin once they reach ace tier and we will get M416 skin with pan skin and M762 skin which has added double fun and excitement in the game. And many more things in this new update so all get ready to see it.

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