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Bigg Boss 13:-Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla Get Into Ugly Fight

Bigg Boss 13:-Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla Get Into Ugly Fight

One of the popular show of Indian television is Big Boss where we can see the different fighting is been going inside the house and As the show is going on contestants are showing their tips and tricks to entertain the people by making new issues in the show they want to catch the attention 0f the people in the show. 

And same like that, contestant Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla have managed to capture the attraction of the people again in the upcoming episode of the reality show with the promo clip of a big boss show filled battle. In the show's promo shot, Siddharth is seen getting into a heated argument with Asim Riaz, who's has got the elite pass this week's and has got the captaincy task's sanchalak (coordinator). Contestants need to sit on the horse and play a merry-go-round in the challenge and the last one who gets up wins the game. The final three contestants remaining on the journey are Vishal Aditya Singh, Aarti Singh and Shehnaaz Gill.

Siddharth sets up Vishal. He then questions Asim that he just got stand up and take him out of the game but instead of doing that he help him and take the stand of the Vishal and stood against Sidharth Shukla and then the real fight begins same like the other time fought against each other and other members of the family had supported Sidharth in this case because he is right in this time. 

And next day Hina khan enter in the house they were talking with each other and Asim  said to Siddhartha that "you need to control man its good for you" then Siddhartha stand up and replies "what I have said to you" Asim says "calm down calm nikal indar sey and respect her don't do anything wrong because I can do the same" and the fight begins and Big boss calls both of them inside confession room and ask "what you both want to show/do in the house as you both are near to the finale it will hamper you both" and Siddhartha replies that" I am done with this guy I have been avoiding this guy from a long time but he always poking me to no end I am done I am leaving the show to let him be in the show" all this happening because for elite pass member card 2 and have to sacrifice their things and have to convince Hina Khan in the show  

And all this proves that Asim Riaz and other all member of the house are playing mind game in the house and in the show they are giving tough competition to each other. As you could see in the video.

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