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TIK TOK APP got banned by the US Army on the working time.

TIK TOK APP got banned by the US Army on the working time    
 One of the most popular downloaded mobile app is Tik-Tok, people are using it to show their talent, passion and their emotion on the app by using different songs, comedy acts and other stuff like singing, dancing, etc.
  But in every entertainment there are negative effects just like tiktok has, People are showing their negative aspect in it so tiktok has been banned by the US army. this app is developed by the Chinese company and as we all know that their the war started between China and America for the trade and America had increased the tax rate for the Chinese product and now they had banned the tiktok for the US Army and US army spokeswoman, Lt Col Robin Ochoa, said on the press/media that tiktok is seen as a cyber threat. This app has crossed more than half a billion active users who post short, quick and self-made videos which have attracted many youths to make videos in 15 sec or in 1 min.

 And also advised that stop using this app which is given by the government to you and a similar move is followed by the US Navy, the military can not stop who are using on their private phones so that the Defense of US army created guidance of employee 'to be wary of applications you download'. And foreign influence or lawmakers voiced to concern that "the app can be used to collect US citizens data" and poses a risk towards the national risk and that could create the force to cooperate in Chinese intelligence gathering and in defense  the tiktok also recently said that we have strong cybersecurity and policies and we can not locate the data outside of china and also said that changes are made over 2019 and tiktok hired different companies to be protected from third-party apps. In overall tiktok is an entertainment-based app we should have to miss use it and leak different information that hampers our country.

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