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One Piece Reveals A Surprising Devil Fruit User

One Piece Reveals A Surprising Devil Fruit User

One Piece Reveals A Surprising Devil Fruit User
One Piece, the series is more than okay with throwing curveballs. Time and again, we  have gone into a chapter thinking one thing before finding out the exact opposite, and the series pays no mind. And thanks to a recent update, fans have learned a rather shocking Devil Fruit user who no one saw coming.

The fans of the recently translated updated. A fact sheet was released about Morgans not long ago, and it was there fans learned lots about the newspaper tycoon. It turns out Morgans is a 53-year-old human male from the Grand Line with a rare Devil Fruit gift.

According to the report, Morgans ate the Tori Tori no Mi fruit which is classified as a Zoan. The fruit turned Morgans into an Albatross, and Morgans tends to stay in his bird form as audiences have never seen him as a human before.

For fans, this announcement was surprising despite the recent Devil Fruit reveals in the Wano arc. Morgans was introduced a long time ago, and his avian aesthetic made sense. Fans assumed Morgans was an actual Birdman similar to the Fishman like Arlong. Given how gulls and birds delivered newspapers in One Piece, Morgans just made sense. Now, it turns out the president of the World Economic Newspaper is actually a human, and fans are desperate to see what Morgans looks like when all his feathers are plucked.

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