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Prediction for Final Episode of Games of Throne for Daenarys

Prediction for Final Episode of Games of Throne for Daenarys

Prediction for Final Episode of Game of Thrones for Daenarys

Make a Prediction, Why Not : Daenarys is not mad nor a fragile love sick princess but the strongest and smartest person on the battlefield.

Dany had a vision of herself walking into a decimated throne room with ash falling all around.Remember that a director will show you what they want you to see, like Daenary with bags under her eyes and her saying to Jon that, “It’s fear then.” But is she saying the people will fear her or that Jon will fear her? Because Jon did not kiss her, and fully give himself to her, she can’t bring him into her most inner circle, and for that Jon must be kept at a distance and thus he will fear her. I think she’s been fighting against that vision of the ash fallen throne room ever since the vision but maybe she understands that she might have to become the villain Jon and the rest of the world believes she will become. She knows that she might have to do something that, even we the viewers, think is “out-of-character.”

Dany screams from Drogon's back because she realizes that she can't escape DESTINY and because she knows her action will make Jon fear her. But why does she burn the town and the citizens?

Understand that Daenarys knows everything about what the Lannisters and Cersei are like and have done to her family and including, “The Red Wedding,” to the decimation of a whole sector of King’s Landing just to kill, High Sparrow and Faith of the Seven, including Margaery. We know this because Dany has two advisers that know Westros and Cersei best and that is Tyrian Lannister and Lord Varys. Of course, there is the fact that Cersei lied about sending men to face the Night King.So why does she burn the city? Well, first realize that she was looking at the keep while citizens were yelling for the queen to ring the bell. 

When the bell rung, Daenary realized that, one, the surrender was too easy, two, that Cersei never surrendered, and three, I’ll get back to that.Understand that Dany is looking at the Castle from the wall and that Cersei is looking down on her. So why does Dany burn the city and not just got for the Castle? 1st: Look at how she’s burning the town. It’s methodical and its going from the wall to wall across the houses and than back again. She’s burning the path in which her soldiers will have to take. Daenary hasn’t forgotten something that other have always forgotten. They underestimate Cersei time and again. Cersei herself said, “When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.” She doesn’t play to surrender.So, why does she burn the city go straight at the castle? Here’s three, because Dany knows that Cersei will stop at nothing to win and that includes using citizens as human shields (so pack them in) in hopes that Dany would not burn the city. Dany also understands that Cersei will destroy the town herself to stop Daenary’s army. 

If Daenary’s army had walked through that city thinking it was a true surrender, her army would have died from an ambush of soldiers or by what Dany has systematically been searching for: Alchemical Fire (and she finds it…green fire).Also, Grey Worm notices that Jon is trying to stop the army from fighting but Grey Worm only scowls at him. Why? He's part of Daenary's inner circle and he knows what Dany has to do. He also knows that Jon must be kept at a distance.Daenary isn’t the hero we want to her to be, she’s the hero she has to become and the monster everybody will take her for to save her army.I’m betting the director showed the carnage of civilians as a ruse. A got you. And everybody fell for it. Oh how horrible. However, what would we have said if Daenary’s army took the surrender of the town (although, Cersei never stated her surrender) and marched to the castle getting ambushed and set upon by the explosive alchemical fire? I bet people would be bitching, “how the fuck could she be so stupid?” What I find disgraceful are the many people (men and women) that can only see this woman figure as weak, forsaken and love stricken like some sheepish girl and that there are 16k people trying to get HBO to change the ending. It’s laughable really. Did we forget what show we were watching? Plot twist is our daily bread. And did we forget who wrote this? George R Martin doesn’t write weak women as far as I know.

Even Sansa becomes a badass. Look at all the main female characters in Games of Throne and remember they were all proud, brave and smart. This didn’t keep them from dying but it doesn’t mean they were mad and stupid. Sure, I could be wrong and the writer could have flubbed the hell out of this series like HBO did with True Blood. But even if Daenary went fucking bananas, which I think is a horrible storyline, we should remember that if any of us went through a tenth of what she had, we would be eating Celebrex and Xanax for the rest of our days. I also question if Aerys Targaryen was technically mad or just became paranoid or slipped into senility after years of being on the throne. Remember, the Targaryen’s had a good track record as monarch until Aerys and then remember what caused the rebellion. The rebellion was started over Rhaegar’s “kidnapping” of Lyanna Stark which in itself was a LIE and gave Jaimie the reason to get away with murdering of a king. It could have just been a ploy by the Lannisters to get somebody from their family near the throne; in comes Cersea. To the victor of war goes the spoils and the rewriting of history. Sure, everybody wants to say incest causes mental problems, but what allows the Targaryen’s to be immune to fire and ride dragons? We look at this incestuous family from our worldly point of view, not theirs. Maybe they aren’t affected. Aerys was the only Targaryen to have been mentally ill (or was he being played).

Now my Prediction.

Jon will denounce Daenary. But in truth it’s the plan because Daenary needs Jon to fear her so that he isn’t implicated in her crimes.

Jon will denounce Daenary.

Daenary is the Queen of Ashes she never wanted to be and maybe she’ll try ruling for a time but everybody will gun for her. She doesn’t have a town, ever body fears her, and she doesn’t have much of an army. Where would she get money to rebuild? I don’t think she wants to go out of her way to burn up everybody.She has to flee but everywhere she goes she would be noticed. I mean, who else has a dragon. Well, there is one place that nobody cares about and where she would be free because she freed the people from a certain Night King and that’s in the North with the wildlings. I think that an assassin will get a Daenary and near kill her. Jon will realize what sacrific Daenary made and he will take the throne. He has to so he can protect her because another king could place a bounty upon her. He could hide her up north where nobody will go and maybe he will rule the far north as home to the wildlings, just for good measure. So, I don’t know if George R Martin does romance but maybe he does Forlorn Romance, IDK. So, if he does I think Jon will discover his heart has always been with Daenary but as king he can’t possibly go to her so what does he do. In walks Arya, or is it Jon? She can only take the faces of the dead and…what a coincidence; Jon died. So, pan to the farthest north were Jon walks up to a lonely home in the waste with smoke billowing from the chimney and there stands an aged smiling Daenary (maybe Bran is there too) the walk into the house, the door closes…and the shadow of a dragon passes over.

written by: Robert Schertz
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