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IT Chapter two Trailer Breakdown - Pennywise Returns

IT Chapter two Trailer Breakdown 2019

IT Chapter two Trailer Breakdown 2019

IT 2 body chilling horrifying trailer has been released and there might be few things we all might seem to not notice but true fans are sure to capture the moments.The first trailer for It: Chapter Two has arrived, and it looks like writer-director Andy Muschietti might just pull it off again.

Its finally released and prepared for yourself because IT 2 trailer has arrived and its already trending all over the Internet and social media. IT 2 is another nightmare movie as it is the sequel of IT the horror movie from 2017 which is originally adaptation of novel which was written by Stephen King. IT 2 movie is based in the second half of this novel. In the trailer we can see both period of the characters where they are young as a flashback and the adult in the present. In the first movie ending Beverly sees the vision re uniting the looser club again to fight the IT aka the Pennywise 'clown' again as adults. 

The trailer begins with the return of Beverly Marsh in the town Derry being adult since she left the town at the end of the movie in first movie IT. Beverly came to Derry to see his old home where she met this old lady named Mrs. Kersh. Mrs Curse seems to be the shapeshifting pennywise bringing Beverly childhood fear as the witch of Hansel & Gratel story. Mrs. Kersh starts to complain about hot temperature in the room. After complaining the temparutre she offers Beverly cookies and unbutton her shirt where we can see some wounds which is probably because of Mike stabbing in the chest of Pennywise in the first part of IT movie. Eventualy Mrs. Kersh turns into some horrifying creature and attacks Beverly. In the trailer we can also see Losers club re uniting in a Chinese restaurant. IT chapter 2 will be released in September 6, 2019

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