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Games of Thrones season 8 episode 5 breakdown ' The Bells'

Games of Thrones season 8 episode 5 breakdown 'The Bells'

games of thrones season 8 episode 5 breakdown

It is about to end finally after 8 years of run of the show Games of Thrones. We are already in episode 5 ‘The last of Starks’. After immense battle in previous episode in Great War with Night King, It is turn for Cersei in Kingslanding to be defeated. Yes of course the all the Kingslanding have been destroyed by Dany’s Dragon, the Drogon. Even with weapon Scropion the bolt, they couldn’t kill the dragon. Euron Greyjoy, guarding the Iron Fleet destroyed in a minute by Drogon and so all other bolts in the wall. After blowing the main gate by the fire of Drogon, all the armies of Dany with Unsullied and Jon Snow enter the Kings Landing.

Daenery’s Revenge of her Closest One

games of thrones episode 5 the last of the starks

After Daenery’s loss of close adviser sir Jorah, She lost her another child Dragon Rhaegal killed by Euron Greyjoy with the Scorpion bolt. And her closest Missendei was killed by Cersei infront of her, saying the last word ‘Dracarus’ by Missendei.
That definitely changed the state of mind of Daenery’s and turned into fierce and burnt all the kings landing with the immense fire power of the Drogon. Does this mean that Daenerys will also turn into the mad queen or she is just emotional to get revenge for her loss. we can also see the final battle between two brother Clegane and the mountain. The mountain is indestructible for Clegane so he jumped out of the tower pushing the Mountain with him into deep fire burning down.

What will happen in the final Episode of Games of Thrones season 8?

Euron Greyjoy is killed by Jamie Lannister and reached Cersei to save her and their children. But the episode 5 ‘The Last of the Stark’ still did not the showed the death of Jamie & Cersei. Whereas Arya Stark marched with white horse in the ending after destroying the Kings Landing by Daenerys with her Dragon. Killing all the innocent made Jon Snow in Dilemma we can see in the episode 5. So the next episode we are still in confusion because of the drastic change of Daenerys and the dilemma of Jon Snow and Arya Stark marching in white horse. We will have to wait for the final season of Games of Thrones to know the ending on this May 19.

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Preview of Finale Season of Games of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 6

Preview of Finale Season of Games of Thrones Season 8 - Episode 6

After the destruction of Kings Landing by Daenerys with her Dragon and her amies Unsullied & Dothraki. It is victory for her after her loss after loss in previous episodes of Games of Thrones. We can see destroyed Kings Landing and walking Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark standing behind the Unsullied armies and screaming Dothraki Armies for Danaerys. We can finally see Daenerys walking infront of their armies celebrating Victory against Cersei.

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