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Different colors of our poop/stool to understand the state of your Health

Different colors of our poop/stool to understand the state of your Health

Different colors of our poop/stool

Stool can come in range of colors depending the types of food we eat and also depending in the state of your stomach health. Mostly healthy stool can have brown and sometime green color are also considered as healthy. If you have problem in your stomach or in your intestinal condition there can be different colors except than brown or green. But some the food you consume also can changes the color of your stool and also the amount of the bile you consume.

Here are the some description of the color of your stool/poop

Green Color Stool - If you eat green vegetables or some leafy food also can make you have green stool in color or iron supplements. Or food may be moving to quickly from large intestine because of the diarrhea you have. So bile cannot take time to break down completely.

Light Color White Stool- If you take some certain types of medicines likes antacids or bismuth subsalicylate  and other anti diarrheal drugs can also make your stool light color white. Or lacking bile in your stool will also have the result of light color white of your stool.

Black Color Stool- Well if you have black color of your stool you should be serious about your health because if you're bleeding from inside, such as from stomach, intestine or from liver can cause black stool. But sometime if you consume iron suplements, bismuth subsalicylate and black licorice also make you have black color stool.

Red color Stool - If you are bleeding in the lower intestinal tract or in the large intestine or lower rectum oftem from hemorrhoids. sometimes eating red coloring foods, craneberries, tomato juice or soup also make your stool color in red. if you the red color of your stool stays the same for long period, you should immediately visit your doctor or hospital.

note: this is for only information purpose, if you want to know more about your health, you should visit your local hospital or doctor immediately.

reference from Mayoclinic
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