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One Piece' Bring Luffy v Katakuri to a New Level

One Piece' Bring Luffy v Katakuri to a New Level

One piece has hit the limit a major turning as the whole Cake Island arc reaches its climax and battle between them Luffy and Katakuri has reached a whole new level of power where as luffy thought deafaetd but managed to finally get the upper hand on Katakuri which was perfect that knocked down was from high horse even when figured out the trick to dodge katakuri Observation Haki.

Katakuri  was buried Luffy under a pile of mochi and left him for dead, but  that wasn't enough to defeat him. Soon after eating his way out of the mochi mountain, he disturbed  Katakuri's "merienda" and  leak Katakuri's mouth and less-attractive side to the world that changes the tide of the battle extremely.

Katakuri's was  not holding back anymore, but with  his emotions and angerness  are leaving openings which Luffy is keen on exploiting. When Katakuri comes in for a major attack, Luffy is able to dodge and counter before Katakuri realizes it. He mentions that he's figured out Katakuri's Observation Haki technique, and was able to avoid Katakuri's attacks without much problem.

The battle change so much in Luffy's favor that he's even able to get an opening long enough to change turning  into Gear Fourth, something that Katakuri  kept him from through the first half of the battle that end of the episode even sees Luffy knocking Katakuri back for the first time in their entire battle, and now things are only going to get fiercer as the two of them reach new levels of powers.

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