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Attack on Titan' Reveals New Look at Baby Eren

Attack on Titan' Reveals New Look at Baby Eren

Attack On Titan’s third Season continue its moments of unveil the major aspects of the past each Episode with an study into Commandant Keith Shadis & his unexpected connection with Young Eren Yeager & his father and mother with one of the many news during Shadis story is a flashback to a baby Eren  being  support in his mother Carla’s arms.

In Shadis Story, he remember meeting Eren’s father for the first time outside of the walls but Grisha has no recollection and eventually he gets introduced to Carla that Shadis had feelings. During one of Shadis’ many mission outside of the wall as commander of the Survey Crops, he returns to find Carla holding baby in her arms, she was  naturally happy with the child but shadis is heartbroken at this sight.

Attack on Titan' Reveals New Look at Baby Eren

He  criticized that her for what he  deduces as her flirting with all the men in the bar that possibly what it could be achieved in a world there is no special but she responded that Eren does not do anything at all. He seemed to be carrying a chip on the shoulders towards the Yeager family.

It turns out that when he was training Eren during the first season, he actually destroyed the maneuver gear to make it seem like Eren couldn't power himself out. But, after seeing Eren break through with his own power, Shadis realizes there are special people in the world but he's not one of them. At least baby Eren is cute.

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