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'Naruto' Creator Reveals Struggle With Ending the Pain Arc

'Naruto' Creator Reveals Struggle With Ending the Pain Arc

'Naruto' Creator Reveals Struggle With Ending the Pain Arc
Naruto is the one of the most popular anime series that one of the most  memorable part series that Naruto returns to defend the hidden leaf village  from attacking from Pain but the creator or writer  working hard  to write a suitable ending arc for the Pain Assault arc which  complex on how much his  effort had an effect on the arc itself.

Looking back to the past  in the Naruto Series the part is described as word "Painful" was in the arc.they both together have to face off Naruto,Kishimoro the writer himself have to faced the theme with "hatred" & "revenge". These two word described the Pain Arc story in Naruto Series  with in the outline of the series with the original core problem  going into Pain Assault  arc  naruto would react must with the differently things than sasuke would do  because they have experienced the same kind of loss that saskue had his family killed so he vengeance on his heart but Naruto didn't have to experience in the same position can say that is convincing.

Naruto eventually grew to understand both  literally and figuring out  that the things Naruto is just true to sauske but later Naruto lost Jiraiya which is like father to him that understood Sauske  for the first time which had experiences what heard is for the first time.

The writer found himself fighting with the proper exploring the Naruto pain  through out the  arc too but wanted to do thing right for the readers to knew he had steeped into the difficult place the writers said to me it should  dig deep into that just to created  a story  about him  going after  beating his hated opponents.
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