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Naruto' Shows Orochimaru's Dark Plan For Mitsuki

Naruto' Shows Orochimaru's Dark Plan For Mitsuki.

Naruto' Shows  Orochimaru's Dark Plan For Mitsuki
Naruto' Shows  Orochimaru's Dark Plan For Mitsuki

One thing Boruto has done, it shows which Naruto heroes are  its Dad Goals. Gaara and Shikamaru have been leading the pack while Naruto lags behind, but one father has just fallen into last place. After all, Orochimaru isn’t the great dad fans wanted him to be, and it looks like Mitsuki was in Danger.
  The New episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations  and it found that Team 7 embark on an not sanctioned mission where Mitsuki having left the Leaf Village, Boruto and Sarada have gone after him, they decided to check in on Orochimaru Base.

The visit goes far worse than Boruto expected it and boils down to a terrifying unveil . After Naruto’s son learns about Mitsuki and his clone status, Orochimaru drops another bomb on him about the Mitsuki.

As it turns out, Orochimaru put a curse mark on Mitsuki which it can’t be removed. The internal seal was done to ensure Mitsuki would never out his identity and powers , If Mitsuki try, would tap into the curse mark and cause Mitsuki to self-destruct.
Boruto is horrified by the  news but it does not even disturb Orochimaru. The rough  ninja upholds science and research above all, so Mitsuki is very badly expendable to him. After all, the snake sannin could raise another Mitsuki clone, and that thought doesn’t sit with Boruto well. Now, the boy is more determined than ever to rescue Mitsuki, but it won't save the boy from his father. As long as that curse mark is still active, the clone can never discover his freedom, but cant bet Naruto will help the boy out once he learns of Mitsuki's situation.

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