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My Hero Academia' Reveals Toga's Quirk

My Hero Academia' Unfold Toga's Quirk

My Hero Academia' Reveals Toga's Quirk
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It’s been a long time coming seems My Hero Academia is ready to report  a special Quirk to fans. Toga Himiko is out for blood in the anime, and it seems the heroine has a rather practical reason for doing so. This weekend, the latest episode of My Hero Academia went live, and it answered a long-held question about the girl. As one of the League of Villains members, Toga has gained quite a following with fans, and it seems her ‘Best Girl’ leveled up when her shapeshifting Quirk.

As it turns out, Toga’s power is called Transform, and it’s a dangerous one. And by ingesting someone else’s blood, she can transform to look like that person,” the anime revealed after fans saw the Quirk at work.

They were given a chance to see the power up close when Toga show she had taken the identity of a student taking the Provisional Hero License Exam. The girl snuck into the event under the guise of Camie, one of the fan-favorite heroines who debuted in this latest arc. As it would seem, fans never met Camie herself but simply saw what the Shiketsu High School student looked like fans saw fight was actually Toga, and the girl managed to swipe some blood from Izuku Midoriya before she hopped out of the exam early to head back to her team’s base

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