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My Hero Academia' Confess How Shinso's Brainwashing Really Works

My Hero Academia' Confess How Shinso Brainwashing Really Works

My Hero Academia' Confess  How Shinso's Brainwashing Really Works
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Shinso has one of the most fascinating  quirks in "My Hero Academia" but his Brainwashing ability has lot of rules that he need to follow.The latest chapter of manga  further complex on this.As the latest chapter define exactly how shinso  quirk  works the detail to  prove how effective a hero can be.

To get his brain washing, Shinso first needs to focus on a target. If that target responds to one of his questions, then they are forced to do anything he wishes. It depends on the person's condition, and as Midoriya proved during the Sports Festival, the opponent  knocked out of it with a big enough shock.

Whereas, he's never tested using it on multiple targets, and assumes it would just make him pass out, too. The quirk is limited to a single opponent at a time, and he can't make his targets do anything  like speak or use higher brain functions  to accomplish a target.

Then he uses for this is that he can tell his target to write out a person's name, but can't make them pull up the name from nowhere. As for how he deals with someone ignoring his ability,  which changes the frequency of his voice with special plates in the mask. 

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