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Lele Pons cried over meeting her idol Shakira

Lele Pons cried over meeting her idol Shakira

Lele Pons cried over meeting her idol Shakira
(PC: Instagram)

Lele Pons has finally got a chance to meet her idol Shakira and she can't stop her tears from falling down as she meets Shakira and gives her a warm hug.

Vines risen star Lele Pons, 22 is a popular Venezuelan-American internet personality who has millions and millions of fans who is her fan absolutely knows she is a great fan of the legend Shakira, 41. This week Lele finally got a chance to meet her ever long idol Shakira which made her cry with happiness.

As always Lele posted almost every event in her story when she went to attend Shakira's concert that was happening in Univision's 30th Edition Of "Premio Lo Nuestro A La Musica Latina" at American Airlines Arena on Feb. 22, 2018 in Miami. Although she has been a hit internet sensation, she acted as normal person when she finally met her idol Shakira even quoting 'She is my everything' to Shakira herself. She attended the show with her pals Jhonny, Hannah Stocking & Julissa Prado with making curly hairstyle just like of Shakira wearing black T-shirt with Sharika's picture on it.

Lele posted a cute video of the time when she got the chance to meet Shakira one-on-one where she was fan girling upon Shakira and even started happy crying while talking in Latin language hugging Shakira with even more emotional caption, 'I CAN’T BELIEVE I MET @shakira 😱😱😱 IM STILL CRYING!!! I’ve waiting for this moment for so long! Finally after 20 years of listening to her music and dancing to her songs I got to meet my #1 idol!!! She means everything to me! BEST NIGHT EVER !!!!!'. Shakira, even re-posted Lele's video in her Instagram calling her cute with caption, 'Lele you were so cute! I saw you dancing from stage! Shak #Repost @lelepons'

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