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Dragon Ball Super' Taunt Jiren's Master

Dragon Ball Super' Taunt  Jiren's Master

Dragon Ball Super' Taunt  Jiren's Master
Dragon Ball Super' Taunt  Jiren's Master
Jiren was one of the most fascinating  strongest additions to Dragon Ball Super during the Universe Survival arc, but fans didn't get of a look at what made him tick during the anime series where manga version of the Tournament of Power made many changes from how the anime played out, and has even changed how Jiren references his master.

In the anime series, learn of Jiren's past from Universe 11's where God of Destruction Belmond. Belmond says Jiren became so focused on delivering justice because of an evil-power  that killed his family and master which important here because Jiren doesn't say it himself.

When Vegeta start fight Jiren in the latest chapter of the manga, after unlocking new power in the process, he asks Jiren how many times he's put his life on the line for his ideals. After he fights back Vegeta, Jiren answers that he puts his life on the line during every fight so as to not waste any of his actions, even if his opponent is weak that says this is what his master has taught him, but Jiren's attention is diverted before he can complicated. 

This is a major change from his picture in the anime series as Jiren didn't mention a thing about his past or himself in his battles with Goku and Vegeta where we learned more about his personality bit by bit with his non nonsense attitude toward battle.
But perhaps the fact that Jiren mentions his master here will make the concept more important   than it was in the anime series. With Toppo and Dyspo already eliminated, leaving Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, and Android 17 was  fighting Jiren alone, it might not be too long before fans learn more about this mysterious enemy.
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