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Black Clover' Release Yami's Powerful Attack Yet

Black Clover' Release Yami's Powerful Attack Yet

Black Clover' Release Yami's Powerful Attack Yet
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The latest episodes of Black Clover' brought out to be ultimate battle of Sea Bed Temple to an end which was  great showing of power from each member of Black Bulls they work together to take down Eye Of Midnight Sun.One who gain these power new level Strength was Captain Yami after Seeing the squad working hard outclass his limits to release his Strongest Attack Yet with Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash.

While Asta and Black Bulls managed to vanquish Vetto. The Evil Presence Vetto didn't stay down for long but unfortunately after the little flashback give a new energy his anger and hatred for humanity of magic returns as he promised to destroy the entire Sea bed Temple and everyone of it. unfortunately, Asta and other are ready to fight him once more not with understanding is being out of mana but Captain Yami  was able to exceed his limits.

After seeing his squad work so hard and hold a united front, he wouldn't have been able to call himself their Captain if he didn't surpass his own limits where he gets a new spell that not only frees him from the trap that kept him out of battle for so long, but it with  spell powerful enough to cut down Vetto for good.

Captain Yami, strongly talks about the need to exceed one's own limits over and over showing  just what he means by all the talk in moment. Raising his sword to the exploding rage of mana Vetto has become,where he unleashes his Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash, an attack he cut  Vetto in Two Half Pieces.

 The new level of power of his own glory in front of his squad, but he's deeply supportive  of their hard work. He wanted finish off Vetto for them, and did so in an impressive fashion fit for Captain Yami.
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