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Katy Perry Might Be Potentially The Next American Idol Judge

Katy Perry Might Be Potentially The Next American Idol Judge

Katy Perry Rocking her New Hairstyle
(PC: Katy's Instagarm)

After the loss of huge pop sensation Kelly Clarkson for the re-boot of American Idol, the organizers were are in a huge rush for the new judge but the hunt might has been finally over and landed upon Katy Perry.

According the reports from TMZ, the organizers has already had the talk with Perry and her team and now are moving on to the contract and salary negotiation. But the show's producers have yet to figure out she'll be the next judge of the show with the contract's ending.

Likewise, according to another source Katy Perry is very much interested in the show and has been really into the show since the past and looking forward to work in the show. She also has some potential tour she might be going in the near future which also might clash with the show, so she is trying her best to schedule the tour and show without bothering any of the show in any ways.

On the other hand, ABC is all apparently fully on board with having a magnificent stardom of Katy Perry and her charming personality in the show. The only issue that has been bothering the organizers is the money. Previously, the money was also a tension which was also the cause for the loss of Kelly Clarkson on the first place.

But we still hope that both the parties (Katy and American Idol's organizers) might have proper negotiation without harming each other and make the show another hit of all time along with the comeback of the show.

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