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Hailee Stienfeld and Justin Bieber after Met Gala 2017

The rumors has been going on that there is a new couple alert in the industry they are Hailee Stienfeld and Justin Bieber which is not yet confirmed by the couple and fans has yet to find out.

The rumors first came out about Justin Bieber and Hailee Stienfeld when TMZ had a report on the couple claiming they were confirmed about the couple and had a reliable source who had infromed about the news.

According the reports, they first spotted them together in April of this year, when Justin was caught by the Paparazzi face-timing with the Hailee Stienfield during his car ride. Then there was not much rumors but then the TMZ later posted the news after they had a special source and confirmed the news.

Basically the news came just a day after Justin Bieber's ex Selena Gomez and The Weeknd came to the red carpet as a couple so this might just be rumors that the information was but the TMZ were sure for the fact that their source was correct. Also, Hailee has a boyfriend and there has not been confirmation of them being separate.

Justin Bieber found facetiming with Hailee Stienfeld
But, now the truth to the rumors has been out and about Justin Bieber and Hailee Stienfeld dating.

In the recent interview of Hailee stienfeld in the SiriusXM Radio, when the interviewer asked her about dating Justin, she simply denied the fact and was surprised about the rumors since they had just been friends for long time and haven't shown any such activities for the rumor to grow.

Later even her long time boyfiren Cameron Smoller poster the picture of his and Hailee together adding negativity to their break up and Hailee's rumored fling with Justin Bieber.

Hailee Stienfeld long time boyfriend Cameron Smoller just posted the picture together declining the rumors
Thus, Hailee Stienfield is going still strong with her long-time boyfriend Cameron Smoller.
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