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'Black Clover' launch Noelle's most strongest Attack Yet

'Black Clover' launch  Noelle's Strongest Attack Yet

'Black Clover' launch  Noelle's Strongest Attack Yet
'Black Clover' launch  Noelle's Strongest Attack Yet

One of the most Noelle's biggest fight  throughout the Anime Black Clover have her inability to control her attack magic, but the latest episode she finally get a handle on it, but launch her  powerful attack spell yet.

Vetto  is holding back Kahono hostage, Noelle's release a brand new spell, Water Creation Magic : Roar of the sea dragon to blow Away.

 Since the beginning of the series,Noelle feel held back by lack of control in her attack magic.Though her magic work wonders and she break the past through her limits  to get into Seabed Temple in first Place, it wasn't until kahono is in danger and finally "killed" her limits as Captain Yami put on into.

As  Vetto of the Eye of Midnight Sun  quickly finish both Kiato & Kahono, to deal with fatal blow Noelle grew anger  that someone  frightening  her friends. Her Magic continue to swell and after declaring that her name is Noelle Silva suddenly she launched enormous Mana "Roar of the Dragon Sea".

This giant water dragon spell break through the Beast Armor Vetto have able to use up against everyone else  and launched him into Seabed Temple but was attack only hurt  Vetto which completely cutoff his arms.

Though  he is able to  regenerate his arms  with strange new magic ,Noelle new attack is enough to inspire the Asta to get up once more as the fight continuing  on to next episode.
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