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One Piece' Reveals Katakuri's Most Cold-Blooded Moment Yet

One Piece' Reveals Katakuri's Most Cold-Blooded Moment Yet

One Piece has taken the fight between Luffy and Katakuri to a whole new level as the Whole Cake Island arc took a major turn in the anime which Luffy's finally got one over on Katakuri which causes a huge disruption. When Luffy  distrubs Katakuri's "Merienda" and leaked  his mouth and style of eating to the world, Katakuri is angered so much he destroy the unwitting chefs who happened to see his secret side.


One Piece' Reveals Katakuri's Most Cold-Blooded Moment Yet
Katakuri left Luffy for dead under a huge bunch of mochi and start his official "Merienda," a snack time in which he hides himself away in order to finally lay on his back and remove the tough face that he's always has image of strength that the reveal show of Katakuri's mouth,  Katakuri,  was angered at Luffy and at his secret shame being leak, goes on to kill who brought him his snack food in the first place. They try to run away, but Katakuri's intense pressure stops them in their tracks & Katakuri then pierces one.            

 The chefs sacrifice for his life, saying that he won't tell anyone even if his mouth is slit, and this sets Katakuri off even more. Thinking the chef made a comment about his mouth, Katakuri activates a powered up Arms Haki and turns his arms into "Edged Mochi which Katakuri was more aggressive approach definitely took an effect on Luffy, but strangely enough, this has also left Luffy enough openings to finally power-up himself as well. The battle is only heating up that Luffy's noticed Katakuri's weakness.



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