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'My Hero Academia' Producer Confirms Season 4 Is in Production Already

'My Hero Academia' Producer Confirms Season 4 Is in Production Already

My Hero Academia fans are feeling somewhat down right now, as season 3 of the anime has come to a close, after what was a truly exciting run. However, to those fans already feeling My Hero Academia withdraw that powers that are already hard at work on My Hero Academia season 4.

It was officially proclaimed that the season 3 finale aired, which was a big moment of relief for fans that was pretty much assured to happen, given the massive build up the series went through during season 3  but still, it's always nice to get official confirmation on these things.

The popular season 3 and acclaimed movie weren't enough, the Boku No Hero Academia manga has moved into an exciting chapter that fans seem to be loving, as well. All of that content has resulted in the series flooding into geek culture cosplay, fan art, and discussion threads; with My Hero Academia's Dub series also having premiered on Toonami in 2018, a wider mainstream audience is already starting to catch on.

Is My Hero Academia' Producer Confirming  Season 4 Series?

Indeed, the fans look back on My Hero Academia season 3 where the point  the series really began to blow up into a worldwide phenomenon. Highlight moments of this past season had viewers comparing My Hero Academia to Marvel's biggest and best movie events, and now that comparison is even more as My Hero Academia's first movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, is doing well at the box office. 

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