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Attack on Titan'Claim Why Titans Eat Humans.

Attack on Titan' Claim Why Titans Eat Humans

Attack on Titan' Report Why Titans Eat Humans
Attack on Titan' Claim Why Titans Eat Humans

Attack on Titan isn’t one to spare characters when they’re faced with rogue Titans. So many soldiers and civilians have become Titan since the anime started. And, at long last, It  have a better idea as to why humans are choose by the hulking beasts.Recently, Attack on Titan shared the explanation as season three wrapped one of its biggest fights yet. After Historia & her father’s wish of becoming a Titan, it fell to Rod Reiss to become. The crazed royal was resolved  to keep status no matter the cost, but his attempt to serum himself into a Titan didn’t go as expected.

Where, Rod was turned into a giant abnormal Titan. He managed to break free of the crystal cave he hide himself inside, and the mindless Titan headed for civilization after escaping. At that moment, Rod wanted nothing more than to snack on humans, and Attack on Titan finally show the thrust Titans have to eat people.

The anime showed a scene from the outlook of Rod. As his Titan drag towards a large city were shown what Rod saw. While his vision is not great, the Titan saw a massive faithful of lights within the city. As Rod grew closer, he was able to see the individual lights which represented people living within the walls.

Why Titans Eat Human?

The clip shows that Titans target humans because they literally glow in the eyes of the predators. Humans are the prime target for Titans since they are impossible to overlook, and Titans are easily drawn to large groups of them. Still, the beasts’ motivations for eating people haven’t been made quite clear. Fans know Titans don’t ingest those they eat, confirming humans don’t provide sustenance to Titans. 

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